Watch thieves strike again in Lawless London: Moment a brazen thug rips the watch from a man’s arm outside Mayfair restaurant

  • Man has watch ripped from his wrist outside luxury Mayfair restaurant yesterday
  •  CCTV shows thief stalking his victim before grabbing the timepiece and fleeing
  • The latest incident comes after a concerning surge of violent thefts in the capital
  • Do you know the thief or victim? Contact: [email protected] 

This is the shocking moment a man has his watch snatched from his wrist in broad daylight while waiting outside a luxury Mayfair eaterie.

The customer, who has not been identified, was walking into a restaurant in Berkeley Square, London on Tuesday evening when his timepiece was ripped away by the thief in full view of people standing outside.

Do you know either of those involved? 

Do you know the thief or victim? Contact: [email protected] 

In the video footage, a person wearing a fedora and dark jacket stalks the man and approaches just as he is about to walk into the venue. 

After a brief struggle, he sprints away from the scene with the watch now in his possession while the shocked restaurant-goer pursues him down the street. 

The incident comes after a spate of brazen thefts in the ‘Wild West’ capital that has seen luxury timepieces targeted by criminals openly operating in broad daylight.

Last week a thief dressed as a Deliveroo rider was caught on video smashing a £3million Bugatti Chiron with a hammer in a bid to steal a Kuwaiti playboy’s £110,000 Rolex. 

And on the same day in Chelsea, west London, a brave elderly woman armed with a stick was seen confronting masked knifemen who had stolen a £60,000 Rolex from a woman in the street.

The recent crimewave has prompted police chiefs to admit there was an increase in examples of on-street robberies.

Some social media users have squarely pointed the blame at London Mayor Sadiq Khan, accusing the left-wing leader of failing to curb knife crime and street thefts.

The customer, who has not been identified, was walking into Park Chinois in Berkeley Square, London on Tuesday evening when his timepiece was ripped away by the thief in full view of those standing outside

The victim is then seen darting off down the pavement in pursuit of the thief

A spokeswoman from the Met Police told MailOnline: ‘Police were called at around 19:30hrs on Tuesday, 30 August to a report of a robbery on Berkeley Square, W1.

Calls to clamp down on online sales of fake delivery uniforms after fears raised they are used by criminals 

Separate videos from the capital showed two thugs using fake delivery driver uniforms during thefts.

Experts have called for an urgent investigation following a spate in the number of thieves using fake Deliveroo uniforms as part of their criminal plans.

MailOnline found the large thermal bags were available to buy on popular marketplace sites such as eBay.


Some sellers even offer a full delivery driver kit, including t-shirts, jackets and branded bike helmets.

Susan Hall, chairman of the Greater London Authority’s Police and Crime Committee fears sales of the gear was fuelling a market for muggers. 

‘Officers attended and spoke to a man who said he was with a group of friends when another man walked towards them and integrated himself into their group as they crossed the road.

‘He then approached the victim and managed to take his watch off his arm before fleeing the scene on foot.

‘Officers carried out a search of the area but no trace of the suspect was found. Anyone with information should call 101 with reference 7122/30AUG22.’

In another harrowing video released on August 22, a rider wearing a Deliveroo uniform was caught stopping in traffic and smashing a Bugatti Chiron’s window with a hammer on Park Lane near Hyde Park Corner, Mayfair. 

They then appear to hit the car several times before the supercar drives off quickly and the thief fails to make off with any valuables.

Another rider – also in a Deliveroo outfit – then drove alongside the thief as they fled the scene.

Just four days later and a suspected drug dealer, again dressed as a fake Deliveroo driver, led police officers on a chase before being arrested in West London. 

The man, dressed in the bright turquoise uniform, can be seen running down the road followed by two police officers on foot and another officer on a moped.

After the attempted theft, Mr Al Basman can be seen being helped out of his smashed up sports car.

It is believed that the Kuwait playboy, who was staying at the Berkeley Hotel, was targeted after posting pictures of his supercars and expensive watches on social media.

A witness said: ‘The moped thieves were at the hotel this morning and staff told them to get off the pavement.

‘When Abdullah left in the Bugatti they started following him all the way to Hyde Park Corner. One beeped their horn which I assume was the signal to start attacking.

‘I assume they were waiting for a junction they knew would have a long red light so they had time to attack them.’

Two hooded thieves wearing balaclavas and black clothes were pictured that same day leaping out and ambushing two victims, a woman in her 30s and a man in his 40s as they walked through a quiet street in Chelsea, west London. 

In new video footage obtained by MailOnline, one of the criminals can be seen tussling with the female victim as she lay in a doorway in Pond Place. 

In the clip, the victim’s male companion can be seen attempting to fight off the muggers as the elderly woman approaches the fracas armed with a broom and waves it at the car before it drives off. 

Responding to footage shared on Instagram, TV star Shabs Ahmad warned Sadiq Khan that he will have ‘blood on’ his ‘hands’ if he does not step in to address the wave of violent crime continuing to hit London.

He said: ‘Sadiq Khan are you seeing this s*** mate? And you’re too busy expanding the ULEZ?

‘Sort it out. Like I said before, you will have blood on your hands.

‘This guy could have very easily been stabbed.’

He went on to add: ‘All I’m saying is I think we all need to be ready for them cos ain’t nobody taking my s***.’

Royal Biographer Omid Scobie added: ‘Another day, another watch mugging in London. Sadiq Khan doing f*** all as criminals continue to take over city.

‘After recently getting jumped in Mayfair, I’ll never wear a watch out again and suggest you do same.’

Detective Chief Superintendent Owain Richards, in charge of policing for Westminster, Hammersmith and Fulham and Kensington and Chelsea, said: ‘In Central West BCU we have seen a rise in these types of robberies over recent weeks as criminals take advantage of the longer days and the busier streets. We know similar increases have occurred in other areas of the city.

‘We want people living in and visiting London to enjoy our city safely – no-one should have to go about their day in fear of thieves.

‘We know the impact these crimes have on each and every victim and that is why we have extra officers in place in locations where these crimes are most common. This includes those from specialist units, like our Op Venice teams.

‘We are also reminding people to remain aware of their surroundings and where possible, keep valuables out of sight.’

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