Letters to the editor — Jan. 10, 2021

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Cleveland crime
As a resident of Cleveland, I agree with every word that your columnist Bob McManus wrote in his critique of the recent New York Times coverage of crime in Cleveland (“NYT Blind Spot,” Jan. 5).

Cleveland has the highest child poverty rate in the country, a fact that far-left liberals like Ohio Sen. Sherrod Brown and Rep. Marcia Fudge — now nominated for a Biden cabinet position — have been sadly unwilling to address to any effect. They are radical failures.

As to The New York Times, it is not written for the people who actually live on the streets of the big cities and have seen what McManus describes, but for yoga-practicing elites who read best-selling non-fiction books, attend art museums and support unlimited abortions.

Thank God that Ohio Gov. Mike DeWines has just signed the state’s first “stand your ground” law, allowing Clevelanders to defend themselves against this surge in crime.
Jeff Barge, Cleveland, Ohio

Trump’s Ga. shame
Now, is there any question of the deviousness of President Trump to pressure a fellow Republican to perform an illegal act (“‘Fellas, I Need 11K Votes,’ ” Jan. 4)?

Pure and simple. Just because Trump said the Georgia voting count was wrong, without any proof, does not make it so. The facts are the facts. The data spoke for themselves, confirmed by his own Republican colleagues.

This goes beyond what any previous president in history has done. He has been caught in the act of eliciting an illegal act. If this is not the act of a desperate, and devious individual, then what is?

This surely goes beyond him trying to prove a hurricane was to hit Alabama with a doctored weather map. Enough. Is this the president of the United States or an autocrat we revolted against some 244 years ago?
Michael Costagliola, Monroe Township, NJ

NYPD goes West
The already-decimated NYPD is losing more much-needed presence on the streets by sending detectives out to California to question “Soho Karen” who is being charged with — what? (“NYPD aids Calif. bust of ‘Karen,’ ” Jan. 8)

Possibly larceny or assault for touching a 14-year-old boy, accusing him falsely of grabbing her cellphone?

The city is broke, we’re in the midst of a 1980s-type crime wave and our mentally disturbed leaders are wasting money and sorely needed police presence, calling what she did a hate crime because the young man is black.

This kind of nonsense goes on all the time in every big city in the world, but to pacify Mayor de Blasio, the commissioner has to play this tune. Come on, New York — wake up and get rid of these “woke” bumbling politicians before the city becomes totally unlivable. It’s getting too close now.
Henry Moskowitz, Forest Hills

Kill Kim coverage
I love reading The Post and give you kudos for reporting on the news that other papers suppress or will not report.

However, I fail to understand how Kim Kardashian’s desire to divorce her husband is worthy of front-page news (“Kim & Kanye go bust,” Jan. 6). Even more disturbing is how Kardashian chooses to dress or not dress.

No wonder adolescent suicide is on the rise. When young people experience life as meaningless, living and the challenges of life become overwhelming and not worth the pain.

I hate to say it, but these individuals should not be the role models that our youth look up to. So please do not make them more than a blip in the news.
Martin Garfinkle, Staten Island

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