RAPPERS Lil Wayne and Young Thug had been pals but their relationship soured.

They had even expressed the wish to collaborate on a song.

Why are Lil Wayne and Young Thug feuding?

When Lil Wayne, real name Dwayne Michael Carter Jr, and Young Thug, real name Jeffery Lamar Williams, were signed to the same label Vash Money, it looked likely that a collaboration might happen.

Things though appeared to sour in 2016 a couple of years after Lil Wayne released a couple of mix tapes under Carter.

Fans eagerly waited for Carter V but were left disappointed when the rapper confirmed it wouldn’t be coming out.

Young Thug then announced he would release Carter 6, causing Lil Wayne to hit out at the rapper.

What has Young Thug said about Lil Wayne?

Young Thug spoke about meeting Lil Wayne in 2020 while appearing on the Million Dollaz Worth of Game podcast.

He said: “Man that n***a, the first day, that n***a didn’t dap me up. [He] tried me. He tried my pimpin’. I’m like… my feet hurt, I’m a real stepper. Don’t do me like that. Man, that n***a left my pimpin’ hanging. I’m like, he probably had some dark [shades], them Chrome Hearts on.”

Young Thug continued: “Then it just kept going on and on and on. One time, I dapped him up, this how he dapped me. I’m like, ‘Listen, bruh, I dap your hand again… I’m never touching your hand again.’ Just off of that. N***a, you tripping. I’m a player and I don’t give no f**ks. N***a, I ain’t no… ain’t nothing ’bout me no groupie, no nothing. I’m just a real n***a. You inspired me.”

Then while appearing on Breakfast Club Power 105.1 FM in 2021 he spoke about his relationship with Lil Wayne.

He explained that everything that had happened in the past had been down to a misunderstanding and had now moved past that.

The rapper said he wasn’t trolling Lil Wayne when he when he tried to name his mixtape Carter 6 and was actually trying to pay homage to him.

The issues with the album naming was quashed with Young Thug changing the name to Barter 6.

Young Thug also claimed they were working on an album together although Lil Wayne hasn’t commented on this.

What has Lil Wayne said about Young Thug?

Lil Wayne came forward in 2020 to explain things to Drink Champs.

He said there was mutual respect between the pair.

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“I looked at it as total respect,” Wayne said of Thug’s Barter 6 title. “When we talk personally, he’s got nothing but respect for me. Before he says one more word to me, he lets me know how much he respects me and is a fan of my s**t.”

The rappers seem to have sorted things out between them and they were spotted in a studio together in 2021.

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