LISTEN as son calls podcast to report rabbi father's sexual abuse

‘This has been going on since I was 11’: The moment terrified adoptive son, 17, of TikTok ‘rabbi’ called into religious podcast to report being sexually abused: Host who called the cops now says she wants to adopt the boys

  • The 17-year-old son called into the Blind Skinned Beauty podcast on January 30
  • He said his father was raping him and forcing him and his brothers into sex acts
  • Hayim Nissim Cohen, 38, was arrested as a result and is now facing charges  

The terrified cry for help of the 17-year-old son of a TikTok-famous ‘rabbi’ now charged with child abuse can be revealed today in audio recordings of the podcast he called into begging for advice. 

Hayim Nissim Cohen, 38, is in custody in Texas on 13 counts of sexually abusing at least six of his nine sons. Cohen paraded his sons, all of whom are adopted, on social media and built a brand out of their Orthodox Jewish life. 

Behind the scenes, he was allegedly raping his sons and forcing them to perform sex acts on each other. 

It isn’t the first time he has been arrested on suspicion of child sexual abuse – he was arrested in 2019 after a different boy called the cops, but was released on bond because prosecutors ‘couldn’t prove’ the claims. 

On January 30, Cohen’s petrified son, who was 17 but has since turned 18, called into the Blind Skinned Beauty YouTube podcast. 

‘It happened multiple times, this has been going on since I was 11,’ he said in a soft voice as he asked the podcast hosts for help and advice. 

He described how his father would force the boys into his room to ‘watch TV’ at night. 

‘Then it would happen,’ he said quietly.  

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Hayim Nassim Cohen, 38, is charged with sexually abusing six of his nine sons. One of them called into a podcast on January 30 to report the abuse 

Podcast host Twaiyah Paynes called CPS and the police, and they were able to trace him

He also told the hosts that he was too scared to call police because he feared he would be arrested for lying years earlier to protect his father from similar allegations. 

The boy, who is not naming, was too frightened to give his exact location or name. 

Podcast host Twaiyah Paynes called CPS and the police, and they were able to trace him.

Cohen, 38, is also accused of faking his Jewish heritage

Cohen was arrested afterwards and is now in custody. 

During his 40 minute call with Paynes and her co-hosts, the boy described some of the abuse but typed out the most heinous accusations. 

He said told the hosts his ‘number one fear’ was that he would be ‘charged with lying and assisting’ because he ‘kept it a secret’. 

Some of his brothers had ‘cognitive issues’, he said, which meant they were discredited anytime any accusation was made. 

Shockingly, he claimed that eight separate allegations had been made to CPS against their father, but that he beat them every time.

CPS has repeatedly refused to confirm how many times Cohen was reported to them before his arrest. 

‘The problem here is it’s essentially my word versus all of my brothers,’ he said, explaining that some of them weren’t ready to turn on their father. 

‘When it comes to CPS investigations , there have been eight launched but all have been acquitted. Since we were little, seeing as we came from cps, we had very obvious cognitive issues.

‘Specifically three of my brothers and they happen to all take psychotic medications… you can see where this is rolling,’ he said. 

He added that his father has a ‘doctor friend’ who gave them medication.

‘Anytime we make a CPS investigation he’ll bribe us or scare us. Two of my brothers are seven and eight.

It remains a mystery how Cohen was able to adopt so many boys and continue caring for them even after being accused of molesting a child in 2019

The family home in Houston, Texas. Six of the minor kids who were living with him are now in foster care

‘I am about to be 18 and I dont know what I am going to do. I am not worried of where I will go, I’m traveling to Israel… [but] all of my brothers are here,’ he said. 

The boy said that his father took control of any money he received, and didn’t allow any of them to have their own phones. 

‘I am smart enough to use a burner phone… he doesn’t know I have it,’ he said.  

At the end of the call, he said: ‘Oh my god, my dad just called me. He’ll be home soon.’

After the call, Paynes called CPS to report what he’d told her. She and her co-hosts urged him to call police himself, assuring him that he would not be in trouble for reporting his claims. 

‘My number one fear would be I’d be charged with lying and assisting because I kept it a secret,’ he said. 

Speaking to, Paynes, the podcast host, said she now wants to adopt some of the children herself. 

Cohen in court last week. He is yet to respond to the charges 

‘I was already a foster mom but I still have some classes that need to be taken,’ she said. 

She wants to take in three of the six who are now in foster care. 

Since the boy phoned in to the podcast, several of his siblings have told police that Cohen was abusing them. 

It remains unclear why Cohen was allowed to keep the children in his care after being charged with sexual indecency in 2019. 

That allegation was launched by a Spanish exchange student. He was never convicted, and was released from custody on bond. 

When questioned about why that was the case, a spokesman for the Harris County District Attorney’s Office told ‘There’s generally a pretty high bar for a defendant to be held without bond, which is a constitutionally protected right in most circumstances.

‘While prosecutors may make recommendations regarding bail, judges set it.’

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