Lost bloke ate worms and faced off with jaguars as he survived 31 days in jungle

A man who got lost in a jungle for 31 days defied death by eating worms, drinking from rivers and facing off with jaguars.

Jhonatan Acosta, 30, became cut off from pals in a mountainous area near Baures, Bolivia, while out on a hunt on January 25.

Despite a month-long search operation, rescuers found no sign of him leaving his family increasingly concerned about his whereabouts.

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But Jhonatan's loved ones never gave up hope that they would see him alive again because he "knew the jungle very well".

And sure enough, a month after he went missing, people looking for him heard him pleading for rescue, shouting: “Please, get me out of here!"

Local media reported that volunteer rescuers were wary of Jhonatan as he looked starkly different after spending a month in the jungle.

At first, the people looking for him thought that it was another member of the search and rescue party who was asking for help, but quickly realised this was not the case when they saw the “very skinny” 30-year-old.

After drinking some water and eating some food, the first thing that Jhonatan did was get washed.

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One of his rescuers told local media that his body has gone through a lot: "He bathed, we took off his boots, his feet were terrifying”.

He was taken to hospital to treat the severe hydration caused by his stint in the jungle.

The hunter was greeted with shouts of joy and firecrackers in the town of Baures on February 25, a month after going missing.

A source told local media that the whole town had faith that he would come back.

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His younger brother, Horacio, told local media it was "a miracle", adding: "The truth is that I felt happy, relieved, very blessed. We have to take advantage of this life opportunity that has been given to the whole family.

“We have to be united, be more together. Everything we've been through isn't pretty."

He told local media that he was on the verge of losing hope when he was found.

Jhonatan has now reportedly given up on hunting, and will dedicate his life to making music.

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