Louisville shooting LIVE: Get all the updates

Lousville shooting LIVE: Husband reveals how his terrified wife called him from inside the bank and urged him to call 911

DailyMail.com reporters will bring you all the latest news as a mass shooting unfolds in downtown Louisville, Kentucky.

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A witness who was driving by the Old National Bank in Louisville at about 8:30am described seeing a man lying face down on the sidewalk, and then heard gunfire erupt over her head.

‘I had just dropped my son of at work on River Road,’ she told WDRB. ‘I was at the stop light, and the first thing that I saw – there was a guy across the street at the intersection and he was lying down at the entrance to a hotel.’

‘As I was sitting at that intersection, gunfire erupted, like, right over my head. I didn’t know if it was going at the bank or out of the bank I took off.’

‘When I turned, I saw that one of the windows in the bank had been blown out,’ she said, adding that police arrived a short time later.

‘They were coming from everywhere,’ the witness said. ‘The police were coming out of their cars with black rifles. I just ducked in my car and waited there.’

Police said five people were killed in the shooting, and six have been transported to the hospital.

Authorities confirmed the shooter had been ‘neutralized,’ and that there is no present danger at the scene.

There is no longer an active aggressor threat. The suspected shooter has been neutralized.

One of the six victims of the shooting was a police officer.

It remains unclear to what degree the victims were harmed.

All have been transported to a local hospital.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation confirmed it had responded to the scene of the shooting, as did the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives. 

#BREAKING FBI says it has responded to scene of shooting in Louisville in U.S.

Six victims reported in mass shooting event in downtown Louisville, Kentucky

Multiple people have died in a shooting outside the Old National Bank in Louisville, Kentucky

Metro police are now responding to the area of the five story building, on the 300 block of East Main Street in the downtown area of the city and have advised the public to avoid the area.

Dispatchers heard on the police scanners have indicated that the shooting occurred on the first floor of the building, which is in front of Louisville Slugger Stadium — just hours from Nashville, where a gunman recently opened fire at a Christian school and killed six people.

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