Russia's war-mad President Vladimir Putin has called for an “end to this war” with Ukraine in a shock pre-Christmas press conference.

Putin, who has rarely been seen in public in recent months, gave a press conference earlier this week (December 22).

During the unexpected briefing, at which he talked about the Russian economy and local Russian issues, he also talked about his invasion in Ukraine.

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According to local Russian news outlet MK News, Putin said he wanted the war to be “completed, and the sooner the better”.

He said: “Our goal is not to spin this flywheel of a military conflict, but, on the contrary, to end this war: we are striving for this and will continue to strive.

“As for what is happening and how, I have said many times that the intensification of hostilities leads to unjustified losses – the chicken bites grain by grain.

“That is, quickly – it is little by little, but constantly.

“Which, by the way, is now observed in the war zone.”

The comments on wanting to end the war quickly are in stark contrast for previous ones where he has claimed it'll carry on until Russia wins.

However, earlier this week it was claimed he was now terminally ill and being kept alive by doctors in order to finish his war in Ukraine.

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According to local reports, medics are using advanced Western treatments to target the warmonger's cancer and stop it from spreading to the rest of his body – but the dictator is not likely to live to see another year, sources have told Ukrainian media.

"I can say that without this [foreign] treatment he would definitely not have been in public life in the Russian Federation,” said Valery Solovey, a Russian political scientist.

“This is absolutely certain.”

Solovey added despite the advanced treatment “the end is already in sight, even according to the doctors who are curating this treatment, because no medication can be endlessly successful”.

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