Main attributes of Thanksgiving decor for a warm and cozy celebration

Thanksgiving is waiting for us around the corner. But how do you make this holiday truly special? You might be bored with traditional Thanksgiving decor, and just like the turkey, your dwelling could have some more flavor. These are the main ideas for a Thanksgiving house makeover:


If you are thinking about the easiest way to spice up the atmosphere, Mylar and foil balloons will be your forever helper when it comes to last-minute ideas. Not only are they easy to install, but you can also buy them at any store, both online and physical. But if you want to make the holiday truly special, these are the best Thanksgiving-themed balloons you can ever buy online:

Pumpkin decor

Pumpkins are all the rage during Thanksgiving. If you want to be original, paint your pumpkins in fun colors and use imagination to incorporate them into your interior. You can either use them as a centerpiece at the table or decorate any room in your house. These can be made of plastic, but it’s better to use the real ones due to ecological reasons.

Cone wreath

You cannot go wrong with pinecones because these are the most classic decor for Thanksgiving you can ever imagine. Pinecones are a great and ecological way of decorating the dwelling without going over budget. You can either buy them at the store or make one yourself because this project should be a lot of fun.


Aside from putting a real turkey on your table, you can try and find any turkey decor that will serve as a centerpiece at your table. Vases are a great way to incorporate fun and quirky miscellaneous to impress the guests and make the house more inviting, as well as hinting at the main course dish.

Autumn leaves

Fall is an incredibly beautiful season because you can find natural decor under your feet. If you happen to go outside and stumble upon beautiful red leaves, bring these babies to your home and put them in a vase or on the wall to make the whole theme more unified.

Intricate silverware and dinnerware

If you want to make your Thanksgiving dinner high class and put-together, it’s best if you use your silverware and dinnerware in a united theme. For instance, pumpkin and turkey patterns will be your best bet because the table will instantly look festive and quirky enough.


We cannot stress enough how important candles are. Not only are they an incredible centerpiece, but they might also even serve as a source of light at the dinner table. Additionally, you can always purchase candles that come in different scent end colors. For the Thanksgiving table, the best scents would be pumpkin spice, cocoa, licorice, cinnamon, and other aromatics. Natural citrusy scents will be your best bet if you don’t want to feel heavy notes around the table. As for the tones, your perfect color scheme would be orange, red, deep brown, beige, and every shade of yellow.

Remember that your ultimate purpose is to incorporate as many earthy elements as possible since fall is rich in natural decor pieces.

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