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    A man in the Democratic Republic of the Congo reportedly tried to "smuggle" large quantities of gold by eating it before being caught thanks to a door alarm.

    According to MINES.CD, the man had swallowed 81g of the precious metal but was caught trying to leave a building by lasers on the doors, which then triggered an alarm.

    He was then reportedly taken to a local hospital, where an ultrasound revealed the gold had moved through his digestive system – and was given products to "evacuate" the stolen valuables through his rear end.

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    MINES.CD tweeted: "#DRC A Kibali [Gold Mine] employee smuggled 81g of gold. Seeking to leave the site, the door's laser detected and then triggered the alarm.

    "Taken to hospital, the swallowed gold was visibly on ultrasound. After administration of products, he evacuated the package anally."

    Accompanying the post were pictures of an X-ray presumably showing the pieces of gold after they had travelled through the man's digestive system.

    The publication told the Daily Star that the information they had received had come from an inside source and that they were seeking further information and comment from the man's employer regarding the attempted crime.

    The Kibali Gold Mine is located in the northeast of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), in the Haut-Uélé province.

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    It is one of Africa's largest gold mines and is operated by Barrick Gold Corporation.

    Social media users were quick to comment on the story. One wrote: "Result of the suffering of the employees," while another added: "Proof that Kibali does not pay its employees accordingly. They see how they produce, but [pay] a mediocre salary."

    Another simply chimed in: "A smart man," while a fourth said: "Really, what a risk!"

    The Daily Star has contacted Barrick Gold Corporation for comment.

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