Man avoids charge after double yellows painted underneath his car

Red-faced council forced to cancel parking ticket after astonishing CCTV showed car being lifted by tow truck and yellow lines painted underneath – before furious driver was fined

A red-faced council have been forced to cancel a parking ticket they gave to a man whose car was lifted up by a tow truck before yellow lines were painted underneath.  

Bus driver James Dee, 43, said he drove to work as usual, parking his red Vauxhall Zafira on a street in Norwood, south London, last month before starting his shift at a nearby bus depot. 

The furious driver insisted that there were no lines or restrictions on the road when he parked. 

But when he returned to his vehicle that evening on Beadman Street, he was baffled to find it facing the opposite direction with double yellow lines under his back wheel – and a parking ticket attached to it.

This week Lambeth council admitted they cancelled the ticket.  

James Dee managed to get hold of CCTV which showed his parked car being lifted by a tow truck

Astonishing CCTV footage published in The Sun newspaper earlier this month appears to show how the incident unfolded.

‘I couldn’t believe it. Not only did the council move my car to paint the lines, they then had the cheek to slap on a parking ticket, which I’m having to appeal,’ Mr Dee told The Sun. 

‘I’m absolutely fuming, I’m not paying a penny.

‘Where I’d left my car there were no lines whatsoever, but when I came back that night at about 8.30pm, my car was facing the opposite way to how I parked it, there were double yellow lines underneath my back wheel, and a ticket in my window.’ 

He says double yellow lines were painted underneath after his car was lifted off the road 

Mr Dee says he was slapped with a £55 fine for parking illegally, but appealed against the ticket.

According to reports, Lambeth Council denied his claim, insisting he had parked on a single yellow line. 

Then facing an increased £110 fine, Mr Dee managed to get the CCTV footage from a local business. 

He submitted a formal appeal using the video clip, which was then successful.  

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