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A suspected robber was brutally body-slammed by his would-be victim during an attempted stick-up in California, wild video shows.

The 31-second clip shows a man walking to the rear of his SUV as two suspects, including one with a gun, run up on him.

But the impressively unalarmed victim quickly punches his armed attacker before picking him up and throwing him to the ground, the footage shows.

“OK, OK!” the roughed-up robber says while letting out a high-pitched squeal.

The man’s alleged accomplice then found himself also begging for mercy after the tables were turned.

“Hey, let him go!” the second suspect says. “Let him go!”

“All right, all right, all right,” the injured attacker pleads while on the ground.

The man then eases his grip while sending his attacker scurrying off with his weapon, the footage shows.

“Get the f–k out of here!” the would-be robber says. “F–k out of here!”

It’s unclear exactly when and where the footage was shot — but it began going viral on social media Saturday.

Some commenters compared the victim-turned-hero to Captain America or the Incredible Hulk.

“They should’ve known better when the guy said, ‘Are you serious,’ while a gun was pointed at him,” one person wrote on Instagram. “Got exactly what he deserved, but I pray it was a lesson learned.”

“He slammed the sh-t outta him,” another wrote.

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