MEGHAN Markle "doesn't cope well with rejection" and is "nice and smiley" until someone "steps in her way", a Hollywood screenwriter has claimed.

The accusation of the Duchess of Sussexes' alleged "remorseless" nature comes after it was revealed she cut her visit to a Fijian market short for being reportedly snubbed by the UN years earlier.

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It has been claimed Meghan was annoyed at her aides for taking her to the engagement where UN Women – who had previously assigned her to a "lesser role" of advocate instead of goodwill ambassador – were advertised.

An LA screenwriter, who royal biographer Robert Lacey says was close to Meghan's pal at the time of her first marriage, claims the Duchess can become "remorseless" if she doesn't get what she wants.

"Meghan does not cope well with what she perceives as rejection," the insider said.

"She's nice and smiley as can be until you step in her way or don't give her what she hopes for. 

"Then she can be remorseless – heaven help you!"

Mr Lacey claimed CCTV cameras captured Meghan turning to speak to an aide in a way "that made the younger woman's face blanch".

During the October 2018 visit, Meghan – who was pregnant at the time – was swept away by security guards after she whispered to a bodyguard.

At the time, the reason given for the abrupt end to her walkabout was that the crowds grew too big to control.

However, Mr Lacey said Meghan's sudden dash may have been she "caught sight of promotional material advertising UN Women".

In 2015, Meghan spoke during a keynote address in front of guests including UN secretary-general Ban Ki-moon on gender equality for UN Women in New York.

She received a standing ovation from those in attendance after her speech.

Mr Lacey wrote in Battle of Brothers, a book about Meghan's husband Harry and his brother William: "[Meghan] had rubbed shoulders with the likes of Hillary Clinton… and might have hoped to join UN Women's distinguished roster of goodwill ambassadors that included celebrities such as Nicole Kidman and Emma Watson… but in those pre-Harry days UN Women only assigned the cable actress the lesser role of advocate."

According to a source, Meghan had said she would only visit the market if there was no branding for UN Women.

However, it was claimed the royal "snapped" after seeing posters and T-shirts advertising the UN.

Lawyers for Meghan denied the claims, and said she met with leaders from UN Women later during her visit.

It comes after Mr Lacey, a historical consultant for Netflix's The Crown, claimed Prince William and Kate Middleton did not have a sit-down chat with Harry after Prince Philip's funeral.

The historian says the Cambridges feared their conversations would be leaked as family anger "ran deep" during the emotional service at Windsor in April.

Meanwhile, it has been reported Meghan and Harry bought the domain name "Lilibet Diana" before their daughter's name was approved by the Queen.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex are said to have purchased a “significant” number of domain names for potential names they were considering for their baby girl.

The URL was created on Friday June 4 through GoDaddy – two days before the Sussexes the arrival of Lilibet “Lili” Diana Mountbatten-Windsor.

Several days earlier, on May 31, the domain name was registered, giving the couple another alternative to Lilibet should the Queen have objected to its use.

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