Meghan told Kate she had ‘baby brain’ prompting showdown with Prince William

Key points

  • Prince Harry’s memoir has been released in Spain five days early.
  • Harry reveals Meghan told the Catherine, Princess of Wales that she must have “baby brain because of her hormones.
  • Catherine demanded an apology and said Meghan wasn’t close enough to talk to her like that.
  • Prince William told Meghan that her rude comment was not the British way.
  • Meghan told Prince William: “Get your finger out of my face.”

London: Prince Harry will reveal the row between his wife and sister-in-law, Catherine, Princess of Wales began when Meghan told the future Queen that she must have “baby brain because of her hormones,” it is reported.

Multiple outlets reported that Prince Harry details the origin of the row in his memoir which was accidentally released in Spain five days ahead of its release.

Prince Harry, wife Meghan and Catherine, Princess of Wales.Credit:Getty

Multiple outlets have now obtained excerpts and copies, even though the security surrounding the memoir’s release was supposed to rival the measures put in place to protect J.K Rowling’s Harry Potter manuscripts from being obtained before their release.

Kate is said to have asked Meghan for an apology, telling her soon-to-be sister-in-law that she didn’t know her well enough to talk to her about her hormones in that way. Catherine gave birth to Prince Louis a month before Harry and Meghan married at Windsor Castle.

According to reports the bitterness between Meghan and Catherine began during a discussion about Harry and Meghan’s wedding rehearsal and the flower girl dresses when Catherine became upset.

This is when Meghan is reported to have told Catherine that she had “baby brain,” a comment that is reported to have gone down badly.

It prompted a make-up meeting over tea several weeks later, when Prince William told Meghan that her “rude” comment was not the way things were done in Britain.

Harry recounts that Meghan told the heir-to-the-throne: “take your finger out of my face”.

Harry reportedly says that Meghan felt the argument wasn’t her fault and was perplexed by his sister-in-law’s response, as Meghan spoke to her own friends in that manner.

The book also repeats Meghan’s claim (made previously to Oprah) that Catherine made Meghan cry over an argument about Princess Charlotte’s bridesmaid’s dress, despite the British press reporting it the other way around at the time.

The argument was over the dress not fitting Charlotte properly and Kate demanding it be remade, with just four days to go until the wedding day.

Princess Charlotte and Catherine, Princess of Wales after the wedding of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex at Windsor Castle in 2018.Credit:PA

Harry claims Kate then resisted taking Charlotte to see Meghan’s tailor, who had been waiting since 8am.

He found Meghan on the floor of their home crying due to the stress of her own father, with whom she is estranged, suffering a heart attack. He said Kate acknowledged and apologised for making Meghan cry.

Meghan reportedly told Prince William to take his finger out of her face.Credit:AP

The details of the bitter row underline how dramatically the two brothers have fallen out since Harry’s engagement to Meghan when they were originally billed as the “fab four” who could present a modern and revived face of the British monarchy.

Harry has said his brother knocked him to the ground in an argument they had about Meghan when William complained that she was rude and abrasive.

But in a series of media interviews to promote his book, worth tens of millions of dollars, he has said he would like to restore his relationship with his brother and father but that the ongoing deterioration in their relationship is their fault.

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