Melania Trump: Expert explains ‘tea and tour’ tradition

Melania Trump became First Lady of the US when her husband Donald Trump was inaugurated as the 45th President of the US on January 20, 2017. Her popularity ratings have been fairly low throughout her tenure, but as she prepares to leave the White House her popularity has fallen to an all-time low of 47 percent.

Mrs Trump’s ratings are strikingly lower than her predecessor, Michelle Obama, who left office on approval ratings of 69 percent.

The First Lady’s low popularity is thought to be the lowest on record, according to data published by the Roper Center.

Pollsters first recorded the approval ratings of a First Lady in 1969, when Pat Nixon was in the role.

She recorded a 54 percent approval rating in the Gallup survey.

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Americans were later asked for their views on Betty Ford in 1975 and 1976, where she scored 50 and 71 percent respectively.

She was highly popular due to her visible stances on women’s rights and pro-choice.

Rosalyn Carer secure 68 percent positive ratings in 1977, followed by 59 percent in 1979.

The next First Lady Nancy Reagan polled at 57 percent in her first year, rising to 71 percent in 1985 and then dipping to 53 percent in 1986.

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Barbara Bush polled at 66 pecent win 1989 and left the White House on 77 percent in 1993.

Hillary Clinton then took over and started on 67 percent and varied greatly while her husband Bill Clinton was in office.

Her last rating as First Lady was 74 percent in 2001.

Laura Bush also polled highly, with her lowest rating coming in at 67 percent.

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But despite Mrs Trump’s low ratings in the recent CNN/ORC poll, she still scores much higher than her husband.

Just 33 percent of respondents approve of the job President Trump has done, according to the survey.

First ladies traditionally have higher poll numbers than their husbands given their roles is much less political.

But Mrs Trump took a much different approach to the role than her predecessors.

She caused controversy in 2018 when she visited a migrant child detention centre wearing a jacket with the words “I really don’t care, do you?” written on the back.

The First Lady said the words were aimed at “the left-wing media who are criticising me”.

She will also become the first modern First Lady not to invite her successor Jill Biden on a tour of the White House before ahead of the inauguration ceremony on Wednesday.

Both Mr and Mrs Trump have said they will not attend Joe Biden’s inauguration ceremony on Wednesday, where he will become the 46th President.

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