Messy student house with note above toilet saying ‘do not p*** on the floor’, bottles of vodka on coffee table and piles of unwashed laundry next to untidy kitchen goes on sale for £220,000

  • A five-bed house up for sale in Hull features a number of messy photos on an estate agents’ website
  • A photo of one of the bathrooms shows a sign above the toilet reminding people to not ‘p**s on the floor’
  • The £220,000 property is rented out by students who have left their mess strewn across the house

A messy student house on sale for £220,000 in Hull has been mocked because a sign has been left up telling people not to ‘p**s on the floor.’

The five-bed property is currently let to undergraduates until the end of the academic term next month.

The current owner says the buyer could make nearly £18,000-a-year in rent income.

But someone forgot to tidy up before the estate agents came around to photograph it.

Above the loo – which has a stained seat – there is a passive aggressive note taped to the wall warning the lodgers not to urinate on the tiled floor.

A student house in Hull (pictured) is up for sale for more than £200,000, however the photos from the estate agents show the squalor they live in (pictured: the living room table covered with empty bottles and cans of alcohol and fizzy drinks)

One of the bathrooms features a sign reminding users to lift the seat and to clean up after themselves if they make a mess

The two-storey five-bed student house is up for sale in Hull (pictured) for £220,000, but the current occupants will be there for another month

The bedrooms are clearly the living spaces of students, with clutter and clothes sprawled over chairs and wardrobes

The sink in the kitchen appears to be clear of dirty plates, although the clean ones haven’t been put away

Some of the rooms are tidier than the others, but one critic said that ‘all the images are disgusting’

And if they do they are told to wipe it up and not just leave their mess for others to step in.

The angry sign reads: ‘Lift the seat when you p**s!

‘If you p**s on the floor clean it up.’

The semi-detached house in multiple occupation pad in East Yorkshire appears quite normal from the pavement outside.

But once you step inside you instantly know they are student digs.

The five bedrooms have unmade beds and have laundry drying everywhere.

The lounge is littered with empty drink cans and bottles.

Mountains of washing are piled up in the utility room and there is mess on the kitchen surfaces.

The garden is also full of rubbish and a discarded barbecue.

The cramped utility room has a washer, tumble dryer and a fridge on offer – with just enough room to put clothes out to dry

One house hunter said the residents of the property should be ’embarrassed’ at the state they have left it in

The layout of the house shows the two-storey property has five bedroom, a kitchen, a living room and two toilets

The house is currently occupied by students, but only until the end of the academic year when the new owner could look for some potentially tidier occupants

The house also has a ‘good size garden at the rear of the property’, featuring a small area of unkempt grass and a BBQ grill

People took to Twitter after seeing the images form the house to share their surprise at the untidiness pictures

Homehunter Paul Drake-Davis joked: ‘Agent’s done all they can to sell this one.’

Lilyth Coglan fumed: ‘All the images are disgusting.

‘They should be embarrassed.’

The house is on the market with Tulip Estate Agents and advertised through Rightmove.

The listing reads: ‘Currently let to students for academic year 2021/2022.

‘Five bed HMO multi let.

‘Students gross rental income £17,856.72 per annum.

‘Good size garden at the rear of the property.’

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