Met Office issue UK-wide snow warning as Brits set to freeze later this week

The Met Office has issued a UK-wide snow warning, with Brits set to freeze this week under blankets of snow and ice.

Yellow weather warnings were initially posted for Tuesday, March 7 and Wednesday, March 8, but have since been updated to include the rest of the week.

Snow and ice will stretch across the UK, hitting all four members and leaving few parts of the country free of whirlwind snowstorms and sheets of ice.

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Thursday morning in particular is set for icy surfaces, while some parts of the country will have to deal with heavy bouts of snow that could see 5 to 10cm of snowfall.

Chances of "long delays" to travel as well as road blockages and "interruptions to power supplies and other services" including gas and water were reported by a Met Office weather warning.

Friday proved no better as Met Office officials confirmed a yellow weather warning for most of the UK at the end of the working week too.

They warned that "snow could develop quite widely across the warning area on Thursday", which stretches across almost the entire United Kingdom.

A statement added: "In addition, there is potential for strong winds, which may lead to blizzard conditions and drifting of lying snow."

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An impact map listed on the official Met Office website showed the yellow warnings of snow and ice for Thursday would hit the likes of London, Newcastle and cover much of Scotland.

Friday saw the yellow warning updated, with residents of Inverness, Scotland, all the way down to Nottingham set to be affected by the snow and ice warning.

Met Office officials made it clear that Thursday's weather warning could have knock-on effects to those in areas across the UK the following day.

They said: "Snow could develop quite widely across the warning area on Thursday and Friday as a potentially quite deep area of low pressure moves across the UK."

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