Met Office issues cold weather alerts across England for this Sunday

The Met Office issues cold weather alerts across large swathes of England for this Sunday with forecasters warning of heavy snow, icy conditions and plummeting temperatures

  • A cold alert with 70 per cent likelihood of icy conditions has now been issued 
  • The Met Office warning has been put out for Sunday at 6pm and 9am Thursday 
  • As of Friday evening, there are 80 flood warnings in place and 155 flood alerts

Warnings of heavy snow, icy conditions and plummeting temperatures have been issued across England over the coming weekend. 

Alerts with a 70 per cent probability of severely cold weather with ice or heavy snow have been issued by the Met Office for 6pm on Sunday and 9am on Thursday in some areas of the country.  

Yellow rain warnings for Wales and many parts of England have also been put out from Friday night until midday on Saturday, while Northern Ireland has been issued wind and rain warnings from 2pm on Saturday to Sunday at 3am.

Weather in Wales and areas of England including the North East, the North West, the South West, Yorkshire and West Midlands will result in potential flooding.

Parts of the UK are expected to potentially experience flooding which could affect transport

The expected cold weather could increase health risks to vulnerable patients or those with underlying health conditions, the Met Office has warned.

The probability of freezing conditions has been flagged as a 70 per cent likelihood for the North East, North West, Yorkshire and the Humber.

But this probability sits at 60 per cent for the East Midlands, West Midlands and east of England, while the Southeast and Southwest have probability at 50 per cent.  

Forecasters have stressed that bus and train services will probably be affected, while spray and flooding on roads will likely make journey times longer. 

A total of 20mm to 30mm of rain is likely quite widely with 40mm to 50mm expected on some hills. 

Some areas such as the Brecon Beacons are expected to see some of the highest volumes of rain for Wales with up to 70mm. 

Across south-west England, places such as Exmoor and Dartmoor could see up to 50mm to 60mm. 

This comes after severe flooding experienced across the country earlier this week, with Exmoor’s historic Tarr Steps washed away in the floods.

Bath and a number of other cities were also hit by floods as 258 flood alerts and warnings were previously issued across Britain from Carlisle to Brighton.

Saturday will see the coldest temperatures in the north of Scotland at around one degree. But the weather on Sunday is only expected to get colder with  a 70 per cent probability of severely cold weather with ice or heavy snow has been issued by the Met Office for 6pm on Sunday and 9am on Thursday in some areas of the country

Strong winds are also expected with gusts of 40-50mph and possibly 60mph on some exposed coasts in the south. 

As of Friday evening, there were 80 flood warnings in place and 155 flood alerts.

Meanwhile in Northern Ireland, westerly winds will increase during Saturday afternoon and evening, with gusts of 45-50mph widely and 55-60mph in the north, with the chance of a few gusts of 65mph near the north coast. 

By Tuesday most areas of the UK will be experiencing minus temperatures and cold weather

Rain will become heavy and persistent, particularly in the north and east, with 20-30mm expected to fall in three to six hours, most likely through the evening. 

‘This weather could increase the health risks to vulnerable patients and disrupt the delivery of services,’ the Met Office said. 

‘Please refer to the national Cold Weather Plan and your trust’s emergency plan for appropriate preventive action.’ 

Forecasters said that northerly winds will develop through Sunday and into Monday, bringing colder air across much of the country.

Raining warnings were issued today for the west of the UK, affecting both England and Wales

Floods of water surged through the River Severn today that runs through  Shrewsbury

Downstream of the River Severn at Telford, flood defences are in place to hold back water

The road outside the Gower Heritage Centre in Parkmill near Swansea is blocked by floodwater from the recent heavy rain that has been falling in South Wales

The Met Office continued: ‘This will affect northern areas initially on Sunday, before moving south to affect most areas during Monday. 

‘Showers will be more frequent in western areas and fewer in eastern areas, but becoming increasingly wintry for all areas through Monday. 

‘Occasionally strong winds will exacerbate the cold feel. These alerts may be updated on Monday once confidence has improved in the timing of the cold weather and areas to be included.’ 

It has been advised that those who feel vulnerable to the cold should stock up on food to avoid having to go out too much when it is icy. 

When indoors, it has been also advised that homes are heated to 18C, if possible.

The Met Office triggers a yellow cold weather alert as soon as the risk is 60 per cent or above for any of the thresholds to be breached. 

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