Shooting star state! Moment a fiery meteor streaks across the sky above a Texas highway

  • A driver’s dashcam caught the meteor that passed over Texas on Sunday night
  • The American Meteor Society said it received more than 300 reports
  • It was seen in neighboring states including Oklahoma, Louisiana, and Arkansas
  • Southern Norway had a meteor sighting early on Sunday morning 

A driver’s dashcam caught the stunning moment a meteor passed over northern Texas on Sunday night.

The motorist was driving along I-820 over the Lake Worth bridge in west Fort Worth when they noticed a ‘bright streak in the sky’. 

Sharing the footage online, they said: ‘At first, I thought it was just an aircraft, until I noticed it leaving a light streak and a much brighter light towards the end.’

The ‘streak of light’ in question was spotted across Texas, as well as Oklahoma, Louisiana and Arkansas, with 303 reports to the American Meteor Society. 

NASA told NBC: ‘The fireball was at least as bright as a quarter Moon, which translates to something bigger than six inches in diameter with a weight of 10 pounds.’  

A driver in west Forth Worth caught the meteor on their dashboard camera as they were driving on I-820 over the Lake Worth Bridge

The American Meteor Society were sent 303 reports of a ‘fireball’ in the sky

The meteor was first seen 48 miles above Texas Highway 11 near the Sulphur Springs and Winnsboro area, according to NASA

 It was confirmed to be a ‘slow-moving’ meteor by scientists.

NASA said that it was moving at 30,000 miles per hour and  at 59 miles through the upper atmosphere. 

The meteor was first seen about 48 miles above Texas Highway 11 near the Sulphur Springs and Winnsboro area, according to NASA.   

Another meteor was seen in southern Norway on Sunday morning.

Another meteor was seen flying over southern Norway early on Sunday morning 

It flew over Oslo at around 1am and was seen as far north as Trondheim. 

Experts believe that a piece of the meteor may have hit near the capital. No injuries or damages were reported. 

Explained: The difference between an asteroid, meteorite and other space rocks

An asteroid is a large chunk of rock left over from collisions or the early solar system. Most are located between Mars and Jupiter in the Main Belt.

A comet is a rock covered in ice, methane and other compounds. Their orbits take them much further out of the solar system.

A meteor is what astronomers call a flash of light in the atmosphere when debris burns up.

This debris itself is known as a meteoroid. Most are so small they are vapourised in the atmosphere.

If any of this meteoroid makes it to Earth, it is called a meteorite.

Meteors, meteoroids and meteorites normally originate from asteroids and comets.

For example, if Earth passes through the tail of a comet, much of the debris burns up in the atmosphere, forming a meteor shower.

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