Mia Khalifa links up with rapper Wiz Khalifa as pair smoke weed together

Two of the three most famous Khalifas in the world have teamed up to smoke weed together – the only thing missing was the world’s tallest building.

Mia Khalifa and Wiz Khalifa featured in a stylish snap of them side by side both kitted out in pleasing turquoise and teal tones.

The pictures were posted on musician Wiz Khalifa’s Instagram account and he captioned it with the words: “They wanna smoke Khalifa”.

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OnlyFans star and fashionista Mia then replied: “Burj Khalifa punching the air right now”.

Wiz later added another post in the comment section, adding: “She’s hella cool,” followed by a string of CND, mushroom and peace finger emojis.

That comment alone was liked more than 11,000 times with people in the comments seemingly just relieved that this apparently obvious collaboration had taken place after all this time.

“Finally it happened,” one fan wrote.

As if the Khalifa team-up wasn’t incredible enough though, a second image on the carousel appears to show the pair having a smoke together – make that three Khalifas in the picture.

The pictures have gone viral and then some, raking over 1.3million likes on Instagram at the time of writing.

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Mia has also posted the image on her Instagram story showcasing some of the light-hearted back and forth between the pair on Twitter.

Wiz tweeted: “Y’all are gonna LOVE this Khalifa Kush colab I got comin wit @miakhalifa” – unsurprisingly this caused quite a splash online with countless pages and programmes retweeting and sharing the colour-coordinated snap.

The collaboration is understood to be a promotion for Khalifa Kush, a cannabis brand founded by Wiz Khalifa with Mia herself no stranger to a smoke.

The pair have since exchanged an affectionate back and forth on Twitter showcasing their reactions to various moments.

Mia posted an image saying: “Me 14 slides into a PowerPoint presentation.”

Wiz replied to this saying: “Me tryna order my Chicken Parmesan”.

In both the subject of the image looks like they might be struggling a little bit.

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