MILLIONS of Social Security beneficiaries should receive their third stimulus checks by tomorrow after weeks of waiting.

While more than 130 million Americans have already received their $1,400 checks, around 30 million Social Security Income (SSI) recipients, who are not required to file taxes, have yet to receive the funds.

However, the wait for the potentially vital injections of federal cash should finally be over for some, with around four million checks scheduled to be sent out on Wednesday with a total value exceeding 10 billion.

News of the pay date was first shared by White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki in a news conference last week.

"[The IRS, working with the Social Security Administration, is] on track to send those payments out this weekend,” Psaki said. “The majority of people should see them in their bank accounts on Wednesday, April 7, which is obviously a very positive step forward.”

Starting last Friday, the government agency began processing payments to federal beneficiaries who didn't file a 2020 or 2019 tax return and didn't use the IRS' non-filers tool last year.

The payments will go to Social Security retirement, survivor or disability, Supplementary Security Income and Railroad Retirement Board beneficiaries.

Ahead of Wednesday's payment date, the IRS said its employees are "working tirelessly to once again deliver Economic Impact Payments to the nation’s taxpayers as quickly as possible."

"Our teams immediately began processing data we received last week for federal benefit recipients. We know how important these payments are, and we are doing everything we can to make these payments as fast as possible to these important individuals.”

Excluded from the latest batch of checks are Beneficiaries of Veterans Affairs, who are still going to have to wait for their $1,400 payments, the IRS said.

A date for when those payments will be made has not yet been offered by the IRS, however they said a decision on the matter would be made "soon."

"Currently, the IRS estimates that Economic Impact Payments for VA beneficiaries who do not regularly file tax returns could be disbursed by mid-April. VA beneficiary payment information will be available in the Get My Payment tool at a future date," the agency said last week.

The reason for the delay in payments to SSI recipients was caused by the IRS asking the Social Security Administration to send its payment files two weeks before the checks were signed into law by President Joe Biden on March 11. 

But it took until March 25 for the SSA to provide the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) with the paperwork.

Those expecting a payment this week can check the government’s Get My Payment tool. 

The agency also asks anyone with questions about their payment not to call them directly.

Instead, if you received a confirmation letter (Notice 1444 or Notice 144-B) from the IRS saying your payment was issued, but you didn't get it, you can request an IRS payment trace.

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