A SNEAKER shop in Minnesota that had to shut down after it was looted during George Floyd riots was forced to close its doors yet again.

Moh Habib said that his Minneapolis store, STUDIIY023, shuttered again after riots erupted in the city after the police killing of Daunte Wright.

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"It's tough to know that now we have to close again," Habib told Fox News.

Habib said that his store lost about $150,000 worth of merchandise in looting that broke out in May after Floyd was killed.

Wright, 20, was shot to death by a police officer on Sunday while the murder trial for Derek Chauvin, who knelt on Floyd's death for more than nine minutes before he died, is still ongoing in the city.

Habib said that his store has just reopened two weeks prior to being forced to shut down again, as Wright's death led to widespread protests.

"It’s my sole source of income for me and my two little kids," Habib said. He also noted that the store was the sole source of income for his employees.

His store is located about 15 miles from Brooklyn Center, where Wright was killed.

The officer who shot him, Kim Potter, was arrested on manslaughter charges on Wednesday.

She claimed that she was grabbing for a Taser and fatally shot the victim by accident.

Habib said the people looting in the streets – as violent protests have broken out in the days since Wright's death – are taking advantage of an "already terrible situation."

He said that when his store was looted in May, police couldn't help him since the "city was on fire," after Floyd's death.

This time around, Habib said he and a few of his employees had to stand guarding the store so that it did not get looted again.

He said when he arrived at his store during a night of unrest on Tuesday, "there were officers there, but because the city was so busy with crimes everywhere, as soon as I got there as the owner, they needed to pick up and leave to attend to other calls."

He slammed the looters as "selfish" people who are taking "advantage when people are down."

"Thousands of businesses across Minnesota and across the US were devastated not only by lootings, but then you add on top of that the pandemic and economic pressure that puts on business owners all across the nation it's been really tough," he continued. 

On Tuesday night alone, Minnesota police made more than 60 arrests for rioting and related offenses during protests over Wright's death.

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