‘At least he’s got his hazards on’: Mobility scooter rider carries a double MATTRESS down street

  • Motorist taking daughter out for a drive came across mobility scooter in the road
  • The small vehicle was attempting to carry a large double mattress on the back
  • The footage was recorded in the Boothville area of Northampton on October 22

Hilarious footage has captured the moment a motorist was caught up on a road behind a mobility scooter – carrying a double mattress.

The small vehicle was spotted pottering along with the large flimsy object barely held down in the driver’s seat. 

The footage was recorded in the Boothville area of Northampton.

In the video, a motorist had taken his daughter out for a drive when they came across a bizarre sight up ahead.

A mobility scooter was seen winding its way along the suburban road with a large double mattress  Which did not appear to be held down.

The scooter, which can reach speeds of up to 8 mph, even dodges a speed bump to avoid tipping over.

The driver posted a video of the encounter on social media on October 22. 

‘I was taking my daughter out and we ended up following this chap driving down a road carrying a mattress on his scooter,’ he said.

This is the hilarious moment a motorist was caught up on a road behind a mobility scooter – carrying a double mattress. This footage was captured in Northampton

The clip has been viewed over 77,000 times, with many people praising the scooter driver’s determination.

Robert Kustos commented: ‘A good gust of wind from behind and he’ll be doing 40 mph.’

Donna Leanne Gwin added: ‘Where there’s a will, there’s a way.’

Catherine P joked: ‘At least they’ve got their hazards on, lol. Definitely determined!’

Motorists have previously filmed other bizarre encounters with scooters on Britain’s roads.

In another hilarious clip, a mobility scooter user was spotted driving along a road with three wooden panels crammed into the back of the buggy. 

Tyrone Mullan, 30, captured the unusual sight as his friend drove to a supermarket in Bristol in May 2020.

A mobility scooter user was captured pootling along a road with three wooden panels attached

The clip sees the man drive on main roads with the three 6ft by 6ft fence panels strapped to the chair of the mobility scooter – and at one point he uses his indicator to turn left. 

‘I didn’t even recognise what it was at first because all I could see were the moving fence panels in the road and I was trying to work out what was going on,’ said Tyrone.

‘Then I saw the guy on the mobility scooter and I was crying with laughter.

‘I thought he must live on one of these roads but he was driving along two main roads going the same way as me for about five minutes before he turned off.

‘That’s what set me off the most, seeing his indicator go off as though he was actually driving a car.

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