A MOM has claimed that all parents should ditch blue and green swimsuits in the pool as it could save their child's life.

TikTok user Lauren Mejia, who is a mother to one son, shared on social media what to do instead.

In a video, Lauren suggested skipping out on the blue and green swimsuits when buying one for your children.

She claimed that these types of colors are harder to see under the water, which could make it hard for a parent or lifeguard to spot if a child is drowning or has gone underwater.

She even gave a demonstration where, indeed, dark blue swimsuits were almost impossible to see when looking into a pool.

Instead, she claimed that neon colors are a better choice, showing off a bright orange shirt.

Sadly, she recognized that this might be harder for the boys as most of their clothes come in blue and green colors.

Additionally, other moms shared their opinions on the comment section and claimed that various lifeguards have told them that darker colors are also helpful.

One mom added: "Saw a lifeguard ask for dark colors on kids in pools.

"Apparently dark is helpful."

And others added that the neon top trick is also helpful for outdoor activities, where you might be surrounded by big crowds.

This could be particularly helpful for hikes, camping trips, and trips to amusement parks where tons of people might make it hard for parents to spot their kids who have strayed.

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