Moment pet dog is saved from drowning by RNLI lifeboat

Paws for thought next time: Moment pet dog is saved from drowning by RNLI after being swept out to sea while playing fetch

  • Black Labrador was swept out to sea at Seaton Sluice  in Northumberland 
  • RNLI conducted a rescue but have warned owners not to follow pets into water 
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This is the moment a pet dog was saved by courageous RNLI crew after it was swept out to sea by powerful currents. 

Shaddah, a black Labrador, had been playing fetch with his owner on the beach at Seaton Sluice in Northumberland when the ball went into the water.  

The dog had gone into the North Sea after the ball when he got into difficulties after swimming out too far. 

The RNLI Blyth Lifeboat team plucked Shaddah the black Labrador from the water after the alarm was raised by his worried owner.

Footage from the D Class lifeboat shows rescuers scrambling to reach Shaddah as he desperately paddled against the rising tide.

Shaddah, in the red circle, had got into trouble after swimming too far from the shore. The RNLI Blyth team launched their D Class Lifeboat to go after the black Labrador

The RNLI crew saw Shaddah the Labrador struggling some 200 metres from the beach on March 11

Volunteers from RNLI Blyth launched the inflatable D class lifeboat to reach the beloved pet, who was well out of his depth. 

Lifeboat volunteers can be seen pointing out the struggling pet as they race towards Shaddah.  

The wet dog was hauled onto the boat and dried off before being safely returned to his owner, who was anxiously watching from the shore.

Posting the video on the RNLI Facebook page, the maritime charity said warned owners that they should not follow their pets into the sea. 

‘Shaddah’s not the sharpest knife in the drawer, so when he ran into the sea to fetch a ball and then kept going, his owner faced a dilemma – try to rescue Shaddah, or do something else?

The wet dog was hauled onto the boat and dried off before being safely returned to his owner, who had called for the lifeboat

A volunteer lifeboat crew raced to rescue the Labrador, being guided from the shore by the Coastguard near Seaton Sluice in Northumberland

The RNLI crew were able to deliver the wet dog back to its owner when the Class D lifeboat returned to shore 

‘They called the RNLI. If you’re dog-walking close to cliff edges or fast flowing rivers, put them on a lead. 

‘Elsewhere, if they fall in the water or get stuck in mud, don’t go after them.

‘Move to a place they can get to safely, and call – they’ll probably get out. If you’re worried, call 999 or 112 and ask for the Coastguard.’

The RNLI released footage of the dramatic March 2021 rescue as it launches a safety campaign aimed at dog walkers.

It warns people against going into water after pets as they can also get into difficulty, making RNLI rescues more complicated.  

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