Moment Wakey Wines owner – who sells Prime drinks for £100 each – storms off in anger after kids make joke in his shop | The Sun

The Wakey Wines owner – recently banned from TikTok after selling Prime drinks for £100 – stormed off after kids made a joke at his expense.

Mohammed Nazir, who sees customers travel hundreds of miles to buy his Prime Hydration stock, walked off after two kids said Tesco was the best shop in Wakefield.

The social media sensation asked the boys: "How are you doing? Are you alright, where have you come from?"

It turns out the young lads had made the journey from Doncaster and when asked why, they said: "To get some Prime!"

Nazir asked: "What's the best shop in Wakey?"

But to his shock the boys shouted: "Tesco!"

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Laughing in surprise, the owner walked away feigning hurt by their comment.

Despite taking their joke on the chin, people still flooded the comment section with amazement at Nazir's reaction.

One wrote: "That's a full grown man getting upset because someone shouted Tesco instead of Wakey Wines."

Another posted: "Boss man's out here charging £20 for Prime but then gets annoyed when kids have a laugh."

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"Hahahaha he really got mad, but he deserves it," a third added.

"He is absolutely fuming," a fourth agreed.

Hundreds of viewers agreed Nazir's expression was meme-worthy and several were made, uploaded on Twitter.

Others took the opportunity to slate the Wakey Wines owner for charging such high prices for the energy drink.

"While everyone is struggling to pay bills, keep a roof over their head and food on the table this guy thinks it's right to charge £100 per can," said one Twitter user.

Outrage over the inflated prices even led to Nazir's TikTok account being banned.

His page had around 500,000 followers before being removed and Nazir took to Instagram to explain the ban and his thoughts on it, asking followers to help him.

The account has since been reinstated.

Originally, the shop gained popularity after the owner regularly posted videos with himself and the customers, asking where they are from and why they visited his business.

He then invites his visitors to join in saying his catchphrase “What’s the best shop in Wakey? Wakey Wines.”

Prime Hydration has created a social media frenzy amongst youngsters following the launch of the brand by YouTubers KSI and Logan Paul.

Although it sells for a retail price of £1.99 exclusively in Asda, newsagents across the country have been charging up to £100 for them due to demand.

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The craze has led to mobs of teens scrambling for a bottle in Asda stores and one dad even forked out £1,000 to buy his sons a pack for Christmas.

But KSI encouraged people to not pay the prices for the product, saying that any resale prices above £2 were not his decision.

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