A MONSTER couple broke down in tears as they were sentenced to death for caning their eight-year-old son until he died.

Aaron Teoh Eng Wan, 34, and his wife En Sit Mooi, 36, sobbed after being found guilty of killing little Adrian Teoh Wai Kit in Selangor, Malaysia.

The couple, who were sentenced at the High Court in the city of Shah Alam, will be hung for the heinous crime which happened in 2017.

An autopsy showed that the parents had repeatedly beaten the young boy, confirming that old injuries, rib fractures, and new wounds had caused his death.

In court, the pathologist said the youngster’s death was caused by severe muscle and subcutaneous haemorrhaging due to numerous traumas from a blunt source.

Judge Datuk Noorin Badaruddin said: “There was overwhelming evidence that the couple had committed murder and the prosecution has brought forward a case that is beyond a reasonable doubt.”

Tests also showed that the victim and the father’s DNA were present on the canes.

The couple have one younger son that will survive the family.

They were arrested on the day of the murder.

In Malaysia, capital punishment is a mandatory sentence for 12 offences including murder, drug trafficking, treason, terrorism, waging war against the King.

Since 2003, this has included rape causing death and child rapists. There are 33 offences for which it is possible.

In February 2019, there were 1,281 people were reported to be on death row in Malaysia, including 568 foreign nationals, according to Amnesty International.

Of the total, 73% had been convicted of drug trafficking. This figure rose to a staggering 95% in the cases of women.

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