Mother, 35, and her 11-month-old baby girl died in a head-on crash

Mother, 35, and her 11-month-old baby girl died in a head-on crash when they drove into path of an oncoming lorry, inquest hears

  • Nichola Jane Davies, 35, and her daughter Amelia died in head-on lorry collision 
  • Coroner said there was nothing more lorry driver could have done to stop crash 
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A mother and her 11-month-old baby were killed in a head-on crash after she drove into the path of an oncoming lorry, an inquest heard. 

Nichola Jane Davies, 35, and 11-month-old Amelia Skye Davies died in February 2022 after veering into the path of a lorry on the A41. 

Ms Davies died from multiple traumatic injuries and Amelia’s cause of death was head injuries, a senior coroner explained today. 

The mother and daughter had been travelling in Ms Davies’s grey Ford Focus when they hit the HGV just after midnight. 

Nichola Jane Davies and her daughter Amelia were killed when their car veered into the path of an HGV in February 2022

The road was closed after the crash between the grey Ford Focus and the lorry. Officers appealed for information after the collision

Senior coroner for Shropshire, John Ellery, said Ms Davies had been taking her daughter – who was a twin – to hospital. 

Ms Davies’s eldest daugher, Kaci Ames, said her mother had been emotional, Birmingham Live reported. 

She heard her mother get up and go to the car in the middle of the night to take Amelia to hospital. 

Police vehicle investigator, Mr Ian Edwards, in his report, said that dash-cam footage from the lorry showed that on approach Ms Davies’s car had been partially on the wrong side of the road, and by the time of the impact was wholly on the wrong side.

The lorry driver, Mr Stevens, had driven up onto the verge to try to avoid the collision.

The report said the driver of the HGV took all the action he could to try to prevent the collision, including turning on his headlights and braking. 

The lorry driver turned on his headlights and tried to stop before hitting the Ford Focus, the inquest heard

The coroner examined the possibility that Ms Davies had deliberately driven into the path of the lorry but said there was little evidence to support this conclusion.   

‘Sadly Nichola has crossed the road into the path of an oncoming HGV driver. The driver could do nothing to avoid the collision.

‘As to intent, I’ve received no evidence that it was deliberate.’

Mr Ellery concluded: ‘No-one can know Nichola’s state of mind at the time of the collision. She left home saying she needed to take Amelia to hospital but she drove 15 miles in a different direction.

‘There is no evidence that she intended any harm to Amelia. In fact there is evidence that she was a good mum.’

He said that Ms Davies died after driving into the path of the HGV while suffering severe anxiety and distress.

Mr Ellery added that her daughter Amelia died because her mother drove into the path of the HGV while suffering severe anxiety and distress.

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