Mother and daughter team rescue abandoned dog in Colorado mountains

Heroic mom and daughter rescue 13-year-old Border Collie Lab mix called Tony that was trapped on a perilously steep mountainside for 24 hours after his owner suffered an injury

  • The Dicksons rescued a stranded Collie in Colorado after his owner was injured
  • The mother and daughter team shared their mission up the 9,800ft hill on TikTok 

This is the heroic moment a mother-daughter duo rescued a dog that was trapped on a mountain for 24 hours.

Brittanie Dickson, 30, and her mother, Carmell Dickson, 55, were called out to assist with a stranded 13-year-old Border Collie Lab mix called Tony.

Daughter Brittanie owns Mountain Paws & Claws Pet Service and the two spend their spare time helping animals in need.

Tony’s owner was hiking near the Moffat Tunnel in Rollinsville, Colorado, USA, but suffered an injury that forced her to leave him alone on the 9,800ft mountain.

Mother and daughter team Brittanie and Carmell, pictured with Tony and the unnamed hiker

The injured hiker’s father is pictured rescuing Tony the dog from the steep mountainside

Brittanie and Carmell were joined by the hiker’s father in their search back in June 2022.

Neither the hiker nor her father were named. 

After an unsuccessful search on the first day, the three set off again the next morning and ventured off the trail to where Tony was last seen.

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Brittanie saw the panicked pooch on the opposite side of the loud raging South Boulder Creek Trail. 

The hiker’s father, name also withheld, clambered through the water and eventually reached a stressed and exhausted Tony in the foliage.

The team pulled Tony to safety and started to descend the huge hill. 

In total they hiked about eight miles to locate the dog and get him home safely.

The nearby Moffat Tunnel links cities separated by the Continental Divide, a mountainous line from the northwestern most tip of North America that runs through the Rockies and the Andes and ends at the southernmost point of South America.

The Continental Divide creates huge and often dangerous mountains through North and South America, reaching their highest point in Colorado, U.S.

The Summit of Grays Peak in the Rocky Mountains reaches 14,278ft (4,352m).

Brittanie and Carmell, both from Gilpin Country, Colorado, described Tony’s rescue as extremely dangerous and adrenaline filled.

Brittanie said: ‘My adrenaline was at an all-time high. To be honest, I feel like all my training for missing animals went straight out the window or maybe straight down that river.

‘I immediately started talking to Tony, but I think I really was trying to calm myself down. I was so nervous about how steep and close to the edge he was sitting.

‘There was a point he tried to get up the steepest path to get to his grandpa but he couldn’t make it. This is when I got even more nervous.

‘The moment he was rescued was a huge breath of relief. I think we all took a second to calm down before getting him back to his owner.’

An anonymous rescuer works with mother-daughter team Brittanie and Carmell to save Tony

Tony was thrilled to see his rescuers.

Brittanie said that they ‘sat and cried’ immediately after successfully getting him across the river.

She said: ‘We spent 30-45 minutes trying to collect ourselves after crying tears of joy and relief.

‘We had some water and a snack before making the slow journey back down. Poor Tony was so exhausted, and his pads were so sore that he kept sitting to take breaks.

‘We passed on the good news to Tony’s owner that everyone was safe and then parted ways.’

Both Brittanie and Carmell described the situation as a huge learning experience.

They were not prepared for a rescue on the side of a raging river and had only ever done relaxed, zero adrenaline hand or humane trap captures before.

Although Tony’s rescue could have ended up very badly, Brittanie said she was ‘beyond happy’ that everything went well, and everyone is safe.

Both Brittanie and Carmell have been training with a company called CODE3, which specializes in high-adrenaline rescue events to make sure they are fully trained and prepared for incidents like this.

Brittanie posted the video to TikTok as she knew it was a ‘crazy’ rescue.

She said: ‘The adrenaline you can feel from the video makes you feel like you are right there with us.

‘And of course, the happy ending is great. The hug between Tony and his grandpa is a real tear-jerker.

‘We all love a happy ending.’

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