Mother begs to move from damp flat that left daughter on antibiotics

My daughter has suffered four chest infections because of our mouldy home: Mother-of-two begs to be moved out of damp-infested council flat that has left her daughter on antibiotics

  • Shannon Fenner, 26, says her daughter’s had four chest infections from mould
  • Due to the repeated infection, the young girl has been on antibiotics twice
  • Ms Fenner says the ceiling of her Clarion Housing flat has collapsed twice 

A furious mother has demanded Clarion housing association to move them as she claims mould in her young daughter’s bedroom has given her four chest infections and put her on antibiotics.  

Shannon Fenner, 26, says she first complained back in 2018 after her flat’s ceiling collapsed- an incident that repeated itself last year ‘scaring’ her daughters.

After four years in her Tunbridge Wells flat, she claims she is forced to clean black mould off her walls fortnightly to stop her two daughters becoming ill – and can no longer use her wet room. 

At her wits end, Ms Fenner says she has been travelling to her mum’s house in order to wash Evie-Belle, six and Daisy, two. 

Speaking to KentLive, Ms Fenner alleged that Clarion simply ‘don’t care’ about their issues.

Ms Fenner claims one of her daughters has had four chest infections due to the conditions

Ms Fenner claims she cleans black mould patches like this off her walls at least every two weeks 

Ms Fenner says her ceiling has now collapsed twice and fears it will do so again 

She said: ‘Clarion housing doesn’t listen, it’s just like they don’t care. Currently we’re not allowed to use the wet room again. 

‘So we have no washing facilities, so I do go to my mum’s house when we need to shower or bath, which I’m fine doing, but we shouldn’t have to do it. We should be able to do it in our house.’

Clarion is the largest housing association in the UK with 125,000 homes nationwide. 

However Ms Fenner is adamant they are not doing enough to remedy her problems, especially regarding the mould. 

She said: ‘The mould situation is really bad, because my daughter has got inhalers now because of the coughs that she keeps getting.

‘She’s had about four chest infections. And then she had one last year as well, but she was really unwell with it before Christmas and she had to have antibiotics twice.

‘There’s mould coming through the ceiling downstairs, the one that fell down before but their bedroom is absolutely jam packed with mould. I’m cleaning it every two weeks as well, I’m leaving the windows open, I’m doing everything that Clarion has told me to do, and it’s still not enough.

‘Clarion said they do not know the cause of the mould in the bedroom. It’s a very cold bedroom.’ 

Ms Fenner says her young daughters have to be bathed at her mum’s house and are terrified of the house 

She is worried that her ceiling may collapse for a third time 

And after coming home to a ceiling full of watermarks, a terrified Ms Fenner is concerned it may collapse for the third time. 

She explained: ‘When we got home from school on Friday, there was water spreading across the whole ceiling and heading towards the light. It’s really wet at the moment. 

‘So there’s a chance that it will fall through. I’m really hoping that it’s not going to,’ she said.

‘I called emergency repairs and they sent someone within an hour and luckily it was the engineer who has sorted the wet room blockages out loads and has been there when the ceiling fell down and has seen how many reports have been made from me to Clarion Housing.

‘He was shocked at how bad the ceiling was, he said a whole new wet room needs sorting but he said that we should be moved and not be living in an unsafe property.

‘I want to be moved because it’s not fair on my children growing up in a house like this, having no washing facilities and worrying that the ceiling is going to collapse on top of them.

‘My daughter is just too scared’

Speaking yesterday, a spokesman for Clarion Housing said that the group takes all complaints of mould very seriously. 

A spokesman said: ‘Our contractors have completed every repair raised by Ms Fenner and we are due to visit the resident today (January 31) to review the issue with the wet room and the report of damp and mould, which we take very seriously.

‘At this visit, our team will work to determine the best steps forward to resolve these issues and will work with Ms Fenner to make her aware of all of the housing options available to her.’

MailOnline has approached Clarion Housing for an update on Shannon’s situation.  

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