Every marketer wants to create multiple social media accounts without getting banned. Socials mostly exclude people for 2 reasons. The first one is your activity, and the second one is your connection.

You probably remember the time you gave Facebook a shot for the first time. It could take users a couple of days or maybe hours to get accustomed to this platform. And after a while, it was getting better and better.

Ban as a measure to keep socials clean and spam-free

If you promote products over Instagram, try to hide your activity. Do not follow 1000 people a day and don’t comment on 500 posts, etc. No first-time user would do it. Keep your activity on social media real. Try mixing in comments, likes, shares, and so forth while following new friends.

And one more thing, if you need a reasonable conversion rate, fill out your profile. No social media adds a no-profile picture on the walls of real accounts. You need to add an image. This thing we’ll keep you from getting banned. In the case of Instagram, add a few photos to give some quality to your account. IP connection is probably the most crucial part because when you register many accounts on the same IP address, that’s definitely a red flag.

Social media sites suspend accounts for that in a matter of minutes when marketers create too many of them using the same IP address. For example, some affiliate marketers report on cases of banning within an hour without temporary sms receive.

How to avoid being banned

One of the most efficient ways is using proxies: 1 proxy server per account.

It must be said that dedicated proxies are expensive. You can also use a dynamic IP address with a large IPs pool. Social media companies don’t risk banning dynamic IPs. Otherwise, they would be done at the risk of losing real clients. It’ll look like one IP address is performing ten actual activities and one spam activity, and because of that stats, it won’t be a red flag.

Virtual numbers for registration on social media

One more thing, you don’t necessarily have to use your personal temporary sms phone number to register on the likes of Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc. Virtual numbers allow you to keep your privacy intact and write via web service only without using your actual phone number.

OnlineSIM provides free virtual numbers for SMS. Create additional profiles on any given social via virtual phones that you can get on the OnlineSIM website. Go to your registered account on OnlineSIM, select your social, and then copy a phone number to the registration page. That’s it.