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A WOMAN has divided opinion online after she shared a note from furious neighbours that scolded her dog's "unsettling" barking.

Kate More from Sydney, Australia, took to social media and pleaded her case after she found the page-long letter attached to her gate.

The anonymous note accused the Randwick resident of leaving her pet alone for long periods of time, in which the author believed caused the insufferable bouts of barking.

However, the single mother-of-two lambasted her neighbours in a chiding response.

The letter, which was also posted on Facebook community groups, read: "The barking is echoing throughout the neighbouring streets.

"A few of the neighbours around Hardiman Ave, St Paul’s St, and Lee St have been discussing the barking of your dogs and it is unsettling to a few of us.


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"We understand dogs will bark but some neighbours feel it is a little unfair and a little inconsiderate that the dogs are allowed outside to do so from 6am."

The letter’s anonymous author mentioned police, nurses and other shift workers in the area trying to sleep at that time.

It also referenced residents at nearby aged car facilities becoming "distressed due to being woken in the early morning".

The letter continued: "We would kindly request that you consider taking the dogs for a walk at this time of the morning if you are already up and about."

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However, Kate hit back at the advice and slammed her neighbours for "unfair treatment".

She said: "You’ve suggested that since I am up at 6am when neighbours are trying to sleep, I walk him at that time.

"As a single mother, I am up at 5.15am preparing school lunches, breakfasts, organising school bags and getting two children ready for sports training and/or school.

"I am getting three people through showers and out of the door often between 7am and 7.30am, it simply isn’t possible."

She apologised for the noise, noting a hearing impairment but said she would reprimand her dog in the future.

She also claimed Jasper was defending the property and was "triggered" by delivery truck drivers, traffic control personnel and pedestrians passing by.

In the note, the neighbours said they were advised by the RSPCA to lodge a complaint with the council but decided to resolve the matter themselves, which was the reason for the letter.

However, the single mum was not convinced and rebuked their reasoning.

She said: "The neighbours said they’ve been to see me repeatedly to no avail, when I’ve been there frequently enough and for long periods to know I’ve not missed them.

"My internal neighbours have expressed unhappiness at the noise of his feet on the floorboards below them when in the house, which is one of the reasons he has his own access to the garden.

"There is no sound proofing between the floors and my neighbours took up their carpets so now we can all hear everything between the two storeys.

"Jasper is walked at least once daily and has the freedom to be inside or outside.

"He’s rarely alone as he goes out with a dog walking group several days a week and with myself."

The note and More’s response were shared on social media, which divided opinion of online critics.

"I would tell them to take a hike," a Facebook user said.

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"I feel the letter is entirely fair and reasonable," one said.

"Telling a neighbour to take a hike would be the expected response from anyone insulated to the lives of those around them," another said.

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