A 13-month-old baby tragically died during the night after it slipped between its parents and under the covers, an inquest heard.

Swansea boy Ifan George Torlop was "blue in colour" when its mother Alana Bailey awoke and realised the baby had "slipped down the bed and was covered by the duvet".

Her screaming woke up father Samuel Torlop on August 2 2020.

Samuel immediately began CPR while Alana tried to summon the neighbours, one of whom was a nurse.

Alana was heard screaming "Help me, help me" when neighbours arrived.

One observed "a little boy motionless in the bed" and paramedics who arrived soon later were unable to revive him.

Swansea Guildhall heard it was normal for Ifan to sleep in bed with his parents as his bronchiolitis made it difficult to settle in his crib.

The illness is a lower respiratory tract infection affecting babies and young children.

The night before Ifan died, his parents visited his grandad's house and returned home, where they watched TV and had a couple of drinks.

At 10pm they heard Ifan stir on the baby monitor and Samuel went upstairs to feed him, returning to watch TV before they went to bed around 11.15pm

South Wales Police detective constable Ian Wozencroft told the inquest officers arrived and were made aware by paramedics that Ifan had died.

He said: "After a call from the ambulance service, police officers were deployed to the scene where a crime scene was identified and assessed.

"They recovered a number of exhibits and officers activated their body-worn cameras. Voluntary urine samples were supplied and two baby bottles."

A toxicology report found alcohol levels of 81mg per 100ml in Samuel Torlop's urine and 164mg per 100ml in Alana Bailey's.

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Wozencroft added in a police statement: "The child displayed no injuries that caused any concern.

"Co-sleeping is known to be unsafe and we know health visitors had warned the parents about these dangers.

"There was no doubt that the child was cared for, clean, and brought up in a loving environment."

Pathologist Dr Deryk James explained there was "no evidence" Ifan had been laid on while sleeping in the bed with his mum and dad.

James said: "He was found in the middle of the bed but under the duvet.

"We know sudden infant deaths are more likely to happen when a baby is too warm or in a position that's not ideal.

"If you are intoxicated you are less aware of the baby's position."

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Recording an open conclusion, assistant coroner Aled Wyn Gruffydd said while there was no evidence overlaying or an increased body temperature caused Ifan's death, he couldn't "exclude it or say that it happened".

Gruffydd added: "Ifan was a fit and well boy. He was well cared for, appropriately nourished, and clean.

"His cause of death was unascertained and there was no evidence of overlaying.

"The consumption of alcohol is a risk when co-sleeping as you are less aware of your baby sleeping.

"This is a tragic case and the parents' worst nightmare. My deepest condolences go to them."

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