My daughter was murdered by evil cabbie – I fear same monster killed Claudia Lawrence too… her family deserve to know | The Sun

THE mum of a woman murdered by an evil taxi driver fears the same monster may have killed missing chef Claudia Lawrence.

Tragic Becky Godden-Edwards was just 20 when depraved Christopher Halliwell strangled her to death in 2003.

Meanwhile Claudia Lawrence was last seen near her home in Melrosegate, Heworth, York, on the evening of March 18, 2009.

The 35-year-old, who worked as a chef at the University of York, had spoken to her mum on the phone that night, giving no hint anything was wrong.

But the young woman was never heard from again.

Now Becky’s mum Karen Edwards has revealed she believes Halliwell could be linked to Claudia’s disappearance.


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She told The Mirror: “One witness said he always wanted to move to York or Yorkshire. 

“I feel he’s connected with Claudia’s case. He was a taxi driver, for God’s sake!

“He once admitted ‘They want me for eight more (murders)!’”

Karen claims a number of women have told her Halliwell stalked them in Yorkshire and Bath, Somerset.

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She said: “He gets an obsession with people and befriends them. We don’t know if Claudia knew him.”

Becky Godden was a sex worker who disappeared from Swindon.

She was known to Halliwell, who had become besotted with her after meeting her while working as a taxi driver in the red-light district the Wiltshire town.

In January 2003, he had sex with Becky, strangled her and buried her body in a field in Gloucestershire.

But her murder only came to light in 2011 when Halliwell was arrested over the disappearance of personal assistant Sian O'Callaghan, 22.

After leading cops to the spot where he had dumped Sian's body – and subsequently charged with her murder – he offered detectives "another one".

He then took officers to the place where he'd buried Becky's headless corpse eight years earlier.

Earlier this month The Sun told how the BBC were still hounding Claudia Lawrence for her TV licence fee 14 years after her disappearance.

Devastated mum Joan Lawrence kept finding the pushy letters on visits to Claudia’s terraced cottage.

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Distraught Joan, 79, said: “One threatened court action and a £1,000 fine. It’s unbelievable and needs to stop.”

And the broadcaster now plans to apologise directly to Joan Lawrence after saying they were "very sorry" for the distress caused.

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