THE SICKENED wife of a man who ran off with his biological daughter says he came home and told her it was the best sex he'd ever had.

John Earnest Deaves married his third wife Dorothy in 1984 – but by 2000, he'd launched into an incestuous relationship with his daughter, Jenny.

She had gone to stay with her then 53-year-old father in Port Pirie, South Australia.

But once reunited their relationship rocketed into a sickening incestuous affair during a trip to Dubbo Zoo.

Dorothy told AAP: "When they got back here he informed me it was the best sex he ever had.

"If that doesn't degrade you I don't know what does. It was my second marriage, and you feel like… you get a very poor opinion of yourself."


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John and Jennifer Anne Deaves had seen each other a number of times over the years, according to Dorothy.

She says despite Jennifer being some what estranged from her dad, she did come and stay with them for more than a week when she was 15, the Sydney Morning Herald reports.

She said: "He definitely had contact with Jenny when he was married to Pam (his second wife), and she stayed with us for a week when we got married – until 2000 she stayed with us four times."

The twisted dad and daughter duo who had two kids together during an illegal incestual relationship once boasted of their "absolutely fantastic" sex life.

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And despite John knowing it was wrong, he brushed of criticism by simply saying "so what".

The illegal intercourse between the dad and his daughter ended John's 12 years of marriage with Dorothy – she later blamed herself for re-introducing the duo.

Speaking to 60 Minutes Australia in 2008, creepy John gloated how sex with his daughter was "absolutely fantastic".

The sick dad even attempted to say they were a completely "normal" boyfriend and girlfriend.

He added: “Emotions take over, as people no doubt realise, there are times during your life where emotions do rule the heart, it rules the head.

“I knew it was illegal, of course I knew it was illegal but you know, so what.”


Jenny said that sex with her own dad was like “a sexual relationship with any other man”.

She also claimed that the relationship was "not harming anyone else" and that the pair "will continue living as a normal, happy family for years to come”.

The sex eventually produced two children, one of which died days after birth from congenital heart disease.

The couple’s surviving daughter, to whom John is both father and grandfather, reportedly is a healthy child.

The couple separated in 2008 after a court ruled they had broken the law, with both John and Jenny pleading guilty to two counts of incest.

The first related to the intercourse which led to the birth of their first child who died in 2001, while the second related to the birth of their daughter in 2007.

Despite this, the couple reportedlycontinued to see each other covertly until the relationship ended in 2009.

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The sick affair however caused shockwaves through the family after John's youngest daughter from the second marriage was left "devastated" by her father's incest.

John's third wife, Dorothy, said the daughter had not known of his relationship with her half-sister until it was aired on television.


Research shows some people who become separated from relatives at a young age experience strong sexual feelings when they are reunited.

Genetic Sexual Attraction (GSA) is a term that describes the phenomenon of sexual attraction between close relatives, such as siblings, first and second cousins or a parent and offspring who first meet as adults.

When families grow up together, an inherent taboo is created which desensitises them to sexual attraction, the British Medical Journal states.

In rare cases, some people who miss out on this time can develop powerful, obsessive feelings for their parents or even siblings later in adulthood.

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