My husband tried to kill a man with a machete after blaming him for our son's death – now I've lost them both | The Sun

A MUM has spoken of her torment after her husband was convicted of trying to kill a man he blamed for their son's death.

Samson Price, 48, left Patrick Brown "millimetres from death" as he hacked at him with a machete outside a gym in Northwich, Cheshire.

Price had blamed Brown for the death of his son Samson Price Jr, 18, who found dead in a pond in Wigan in October 2020.

Fuelled by revenge, the dad launched into a frenzied attack on Brown, who was with the teen at the time of his death.

His wife Rosanna has now revealed her heartache after Price was found guilty of attempted murder.

She told Mail Online: "'I have lost my son and now my husband faces God knows how many years in jail."

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Jurors were told Price's son had drowned in a pond near the family home in Wigan, Greater Manchester.

Brown and two other teens were arrested on suspicion of murder after the dad found his son's body.

But a police probe found the death was accidental as there was evidence the group was taking LSD and Samson Jnr had wandered away alone.

Rosanna said the family "just want to know what happened" to the teen and claimed there were "so many" police mistakes.

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The mum also hit out at Brown, who is a first cousin, and the other boys who left her son alone.

She added: "It just all gets to you – it consumes you. If he had been knocked over by a bus, at least you know what had happened.

"If they had come here to say ' sorry that we left him ', that would have been something.

"I do not think that they murdered my son. I think it was maybe a bad joke gone bad because they were off their heads. But I will never know if my son called out for me."

Price bought a 16-inch machete and electronic tracking device to locate Brown.

In September 2021, he lay in wait outside the PureGym before frantically slashing at Brown in front of horrified gym-goers.

As Brown attempted to flee, Price screamed "I'll kill you" and continued raining blows on his rival.

He severed Brown's femur bone and only just missed a major artery, which would have caused him to bleed out within minutes.

Price then fled the scene and evaded police for three weeks before eventually handing himself in.

Rosanna said of the attack: "My husband has never been in trouble – he did not have a wrong word to say about anyone.

"It just got to him that they did not even say sorry. He took it a different way than I did.

 "He did slice up Patrick Brown but he is still living and his family have still got their son. I would give anything to have my son back. I would not wish our pain on anyone.

"When I hear about other parents who have lost children, I now understand what they have gone through. Samson was my life.

"My husband took it a different way. I am not saying that what he did was right, but there were circumstances, there was pressure and there was devastation. He used to wake up screaming."

Price attempted to claim he did not want to kill Brown but instead "give him a day of hell".

He told jurors during his evidence he wanted to leave him with scars to remind him of his son's death.

The dad explained he was "struck by the unfairness of it all" when he saw Brown happy and speaking on the phone.

But he claimed "at no point" was he trying to kill the victim as he was "the only person who could tell us what happened to our son".

Rosanna said she is "devastated" at her husband's conviction as he awaits sentencing.

She added: "My husband may get 30 plus years and that lad is still walking up and down. But I have still not got any justice and that is all I have ever wanted.

"I do not know what happens now. I do not know what a normal life is. When something is ripped out of your life, it is just devastating."

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Price will be sentenced on March 23.

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