My neighbours are millionaire footballers but I’m on benefits & can barely afford to heat my house – it’s horrendous | The Sun

FAMILIES living next door to millionaire footballers are struggling on benefits and can barely afford to heat their own homes.

Mum-of-four Kylie, 49, spends £20 on electricity each DAY just to keep her kids warm.

She has been forced to cut down on the food she eats to save money for heating – and is unable to earn cash due to her disabilities.

Her life is in stark contrast to those of the Premier League footballers who live nearby, many of whom live in enormous gated complexes.

Kylie – who supports her kids alone after their dad died – told Manchester Evening News: "How do I survive? How do I keep my family going? I feel completely anxious.

“It’s absolutely horrendous. At the end of the month I have to borrow off my mum."


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In pricy Hale Barns, households will see a hike of £1,981 for their gas and electricity this summer compared to last year.

Disabled single mum Julie Aston, 45, said people who think the whole area is rich should think again.

Julie – who spends £10 a day on electricity – added: "I’ve been running around the house making sure everything’s switched off.

"I don’t see how I’m going to afford it at all – I just don’t think I can.

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"Here, they expect you to be on high money.

"They say to just turn the heating off, but I can’t. I’ve got arthritis and need to be warm.

"It’s hard enough trying to feed the kids at the minute. I can’t imagine [the price hike] is going to go down well."

Millions of Brits are bracing for massive energy price hikes when the price cap goes up in April.

The price cap limits the amount an energy company can charge you for a default tariff, based on average use.

It is reviewed twice a year and is adjusted to reflect the wholesale cost of energy.

The next adjustment comes into effect on April 1, 2022.

The current price cap of £1,277 will increase to £1,971 in April, it was confirmed on February 3, 2022, meaning bills will rocket by £693 if you're on a default tariff.

Bills have been rising since the cap was introduced in January 2019.

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