HUMAN bones belonging to at least 150 missing people have been found after they were mysteriously dumped near a luxury flats development in Mexico.

Volunteers from a group searching for the country's tens of thousands of disappeared made the grisly find at a landfill in Culiacán, Sinaloa, on August 24.

Among the hundreds of hand bones, searchers also found several foot bones at the site.

Forensic experts reported that some of the bone fragments belonged to children.

It is not known where the remains of the rest of the bodies are.


One mother, part of the State Brigade for the Search of Disappeared Persons, suspects these adults and children were tortured.

She believes the hand bones were found together as a result of the victims having their fingers cut off.

It is unclear who is to blame for the apparent torture and murder.

But the region has been ravaged by violence fuelled by turf wars among drugs cartels.

Mexican outlet El Universal reported that several bags filled with bones were placed along a path not far from an area accessible by car.

I can’t believe they are human. There are so many

This may be due to sun exposure and water accumulation over time as well as animals ripping and rummaging through them.

One of the experts at the scene said: "I can’t believe they are human. There are so many."

Last weekend, the bodies of three missing people, including two women, were found dead by the group.

It's suspected that they were shot in the head.


Another search party discovered two bodies in a pit on a beach in the Pacific resort town of Mazatlán.

The complex where the bones were found, La Primavera, is a luxury ‘minicity’ – many businessmen and politicians live there, and houses can cost upwards of $10million.

According to El Universal, many bodies have been found outside the complex over time.

In some cases, several crosses were left in memory of the found corpses on the way to the landfill.

Some of the crosses have a jacket over it, which reportedly is a common practice in the area.



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One member of the group told El Universal: "They are used to doing it. It gives identity to their dead."

The brigade was created in 2016 and in it are family members of missing victims who volunteered to search for 57,861 people who have disappeared over the last 20 years in Mexico.

This month, the search brigades have located ten bodies in that landfill, as well as many bone fragments, separate from the bags of thousands more bones.

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