A MYSTERY hero dived into the River Thames and incredibly saved two toddlers after their buggy plummeted into the water, say cops.

While the tots, aged one and two, were strapped into the buggy, "completely by accident it started to roll as the brake was not properly applied", said Surrey Police.

The force said that on Sunday morning cops attended "a near tragic incident at the river in Staines-upon-Thames near Halfords on The Causeway.

"[Tragedy] was prevented by two quick-thinking members of the public who came to the rescue."

The force's Runnymede Beat added: "A woman had taken her two grandsons, aged one and two, for a walk to the River Thames.

"They were strapped into the buggy and whilst at the riverbank, completely by accident, the buggy started to roll as the brake was not properly applied.

"The buggy fell into the river, submerging both boys.

"Immediately, the woman jumped into the water shouting for help and tried to bring the buggy to the surface.

"But she struggled due to the depth of the water and steep bank."

Multiple emergency service calls were made.

The buggy fell into the river, submerging both boys.

However, "a man nearby leapt into action, entering the water to help the woman with the buggy.

"Shortly after, a second man who’d heard the shouts – [named] Paul – ran to the scene and helped pull the buggy up the riverbank, getting the two children out of the water.

"Paul then quickly found blankets to keep the children warm and dry before we arrived," the force said.

Grateful family members now want to trace the first hero who helped with the daring rescue.

The police added: "The family are so grateful to both men for their speedy reactions and heroic efforts.

"The family have been in touch with Paul but would also like to thank the first man who leapt into the water.

"If you are the person who helped, please get in touch by dropping us a private message."


Both children were taken to hospital but are now back home and in good health.

The post had hundreds of responses on the Runnymede Beat Facebook page, with Carl Gladman saying: "Absolute class from them good blokes. And two children are now safe and healthy."

Kay Taylor said: "Oh my goodness, how awful, thank goodness for those heroes!"

Helen Rodd wrote: "A terrifying ordeal for everyone. There are still some truly decent people out there.

"Well done to the brave men and the lady with the children too. Could have been a terribly sad different story."

Hazel Courdry said: " This made me cry. What a nightmare for all concerned. So relieved that tragedy was prevented."

And Gemma Beauchamp posted: "Oh man that is my worst nightmare! So glad these two men were on hand and courageous enough to jump in and save them."


The incredible rescue comes as 20 people have already sadly lost their lives during the UK's heatwave.

A paddleboarder in his 30s drowned in Cornwall after being pulled from the sea, despite efforts to revive him said the local surf lifesaving club.

Newquay RNLI crew, coastguards and an air ambulance crew "worked tirelessly together to try to save the man", said the Crantock Surf Lifesaving Club.

It added: "Our deepest, heartfelt sympathy and thoughts are with the family, friends and all those affected."

A talented teen boxer also drowned in a river yesterday.

Frank Varey, 16, tragically died in the River Dee, Cheshire, with Tyson Fury leading the tributes to the "future star."

A seven-hour search started yesterday at 2.30pm after reports that the teen was missing in the water.

Take care at the coast or risk tragic consequences.

The emergency service say nine people have died in just ten days while visiting the beach or coast although others have tragically perished while visiting places such as rivers and reservoirs, bringing the total to 20.

With schools breaking up for summer, a Coastguard spokeswoman said: "Coastguards across the UK have issued a stark warning to take care at the coast or risk tragic consequences.

"The warning comes as many are expected to travel to the coast for beach holidays and days out in the UK across the remaining summer months.

"In the past 10 days, HM Coastguard recorded that nine people have sadly died while visiting the beach or coast.

"Each death represents a widescale tragedy for the families and friends of those who have died.

"Others have faced life-changing injuries."

Claire Hughes, director of HM Coastguard, said: "We can't emphasise this enough – the sea has no respect for whether you're local or not and whether you're experienced or not.

"Please always check weather conditions and tide times before going out.

"Be careful. Think twice about what you're doing at the coast that might put you, your family and friends and even those who come to rescue you in danger. Watch out for each other and those you love. Get home safe."

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