Mystery of ‘time traveller’ wearing modern clothes and shades in 1941 snap

An 82-year-old photograph has some people convinced time travel is real as it appears to show a man dressed in modern clothing and sunglasses.

The black and white snap emerged on the internet in 2010 but was taken in 1941 at the reopening of the South Fork Bridge in Canada.

The bloke, who has been dubbed 'the time travelling hipster', stands out from the rest of the crowd. Those around him all have suits on, most are wearing hats. He is seen in a shirt with a logo, some form of zipped cardigan and fancy shades with sun-guarding sides.

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He is also holding a small portable camera.

The image was first made public in 2004 when it was featured in the Barlorne-Pioneer Museum's exhibit Their Past Lives Here.

In 2010 it was digitised – and it didn't take long for internet conspiracy theorists to go wild over it.

"Logically, I know it’s not a time traveller, but it’s really hard to remember that when I see this picture," read a Reddit comment at the time.

So did this man really travel back to 1941 to witness the reopening of the South Fork Bridge? Sadly, it would appear not.

As one Redditor pointed out (giving rise to the man's nickname): "There is a 1938 patent for these 'sunshades'. Not time traveller, just a 1940s hipster."

Fact checking site Snopes previously analysed the photograph and concluded that, despite the man appearing ahead of his time, all the items he is wearing had been invented by 1941.

The shirt logo is actually the "M" of the Montreal Maroons hockey team that played in the NHL from 1924-1938.

While not widespread at all, glasses with protective side shields were also available in the 1940s. Snopes' Dan Evon wrote: "It is more plausible that the photograph shows a man of his time with unusual fashion sense rather than a time traveller."

Finally regarding the camera, it transpires that Kodak had made a number of them available in 1941, similar in size to the one seen in the picture.

Evon wrote: "The man in the image may look out of place at first glance, but nothing about his appearance was impossible for the time the photograph was taken."

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