Haunting picture of Nashville elementary school children escaping mass shooting hand in hand is eerily reminiscent of Sandy Hook photo 11 years ago

  • The tragedy at the private school in Nashville, Tennessee, today is reminiscence of The Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting in 2012
  • Just like the mass shooting 11 years ago, young children were today seen being shepherded, one by one, away from the school building where bullets rained

A haunting picture of Nashville elementary school children escaping a mass shooting, hand in hand, is eerily reminiscent of the same scene at Sandy Hook 11 years ago. 

Three children and three adults were gunned to death at The Covenant School in Nashville, Tennessee, on Monday. The shooter, a 28-year-old female, was killed by police. 

And the tragedy in Nashville is evocative of The Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting – which took place on December 14, 2012 in Newtown, Connecticut. It marked the country’s deadliest elementary school shooting in history. 

Just like the mass shooting 11 years ago, young children were today seen being shepherded, one by one, away from the school building where bullets rained.

Holding hands and walking in single file, images of the Nashville children escaping the tragedy today is identical to the photo of school kids walking out of Sandy Hook school in 2012. 

THE COVENANT SCHOOL: On Monday, March 27 2023, a female shooter opened fire at The Covenant School in Nashville, Tennessee, killing three children and three adults. The gunwoman was then killed by police

SANDY HOOK: On December 14, 2012, 26 people were shot dead at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut. In the tragically infamous image, two Connecticut State Police officers accompany a class of students as they are shepherded away from the deadly shooting 

A total of 26 people – 20 of which were children – were killed in 2012 when gunman Adam Lanza, 20, opened fire before turning the weapon on himself. 

The gunwoman responsible for The Covenant School shooting in Nashville is yet to be identified, but police say that she is 28-year-old local resident who previously attended the school when she was a child. 

She was killed 14 minutes after starting her rampage. 

The victims from Monday’s mass shooting are yet to be confirmed, but police say that three children and three adults died when the 28-year-old opened fire. 

On December 14, 2012, 20-year-old Adam Lanza walked into the school, which is located in Newtown, Connecticut, and shot and killed 26 people – including 20 children, and six adult staff members. Before police arrived, he shot and killed himself.

The incident became the deadliest mass shooting at an elementary school in U.S. history, and the fourth-deadliest mass shooting of all time.

In Nashville today, shortly before 10.13am, the woman entered the school through a side door and began opening fire on the second floor. 

Police arrived at the scene and heard the gunshots coming from the 2nd floor. By 10.27am, she had been shot dead. She was armed with two assault-style rifles and a handgun. 

At a press briefing, White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre said the shooting was proof the ongoing need for stricter gun reform.

First Lady Jill Biden, speaking at the National League of Cities conference on Monday, told the crowd: ‘We just learned about another shooting in Tennessee – a school shooting.

‘I am truly without words. Our children deserve better. We stand with Nashville in prayer.’

Monday’s shooting is the 129th shooting this year.

The 20 children who were killed in the Sandy Hook mass shooting. Top row (L to R): Ana Marquez-Greene, Caroline Previdi, Jessica Rekos, Emilie Parker, Noah Pozner. Second row: (L to R): Jesse Lewis, Olivia Engel, Josephine Gay, Charlotte Bacon, Chase Kowalski. Third row (L to R): Daniel Barden, Jack Pinto, Catherine Hubbard, Dylan Hockley, Benjamin Wheeler. Bottom row (L to R): Grace McDonnell, James Mattioli, Avielle Richman, Madeleine Hsu, Allison Wyatt

The adult victims of the Sandy Hook shooting included (L to R): Teacher Rachel Davino, 29, para professional Anne Marie Murphy, 52, and permanent substitute teacher Lauren Rousseau, 30

The other three adult victims of the Sandy Hook shooting were (L to R): Teacher Victoria Soto, 27, school psychiatrist Mary Sherlach, 56, and principal Dawn Hochsprung, 47

School buses with children arrive at Woodmont Baptist Church – as kids flee the mass shooting this morning

In the wake of the tragedy in Nashville today, mass shooting survivors have blasted legislators for their lack of movement with gun laws.

A Highland Park parade mass shooting survivor on vacation in Nashville was among those raging about gun control in America.

Ashby Beasley, from Illinois, is a mass shooting survivor – and was visiting a family member in town when the ordeal occurred this morning. 

She told CNN: ‘I’m a mass shooting survivor. My son and I survived a mass shooting in park where there was a shooting. We ran for our lives, and this is just unacceptable. 

‘Only in America can somebody survive a mass shooting and then go on vacation to visit another person and find themselves near another mass shooting. 

‘This is an epidemic. Gun violence is an epidemic and it needs to be resolved.’ 

Moments after being interviewed, Beasley broke away and hijacked a Fox News broadcast to continue: ‘I have met with lobbying in DC. I’ve met with over a hundred and thirty lawmakers. How is this still happening?’

The Highland Park parade shooting occurred on July 4, 2022 during an Independence Day parade in Illinois. Seven people were killed, and 48 others were wounded by bullets or shrapnel.

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