New-build estate’s planning ‘mistake’ leaves 263 lived-in homes facing bulldozer

A whopping new housing development and home to hundreds could soon be smashed to the ground if concluded it was built without the proper planning permission.

The 263 new homes at Coppenhall Place in Crewe, Cheshire were built on a former Bombardier train factory site leaving the ground underneath potentially unstable and contaminated.

It would prove to be impossible for residents to sell or re-mortgage their homes if those issues feared were found to be real.

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As a result, those who've already moved in have been left in 'a state of turmoil' amid the ongoing controversy, venting their frustration at the local council saying that they feel like 'pawns'.

A furious disagreement continues to wage on about the level of asbestos, lead, cyanide and arsenic possibly laying beneath their new homes.

While Cheshire East Council is in agreement that there is no danger to human health, residents have accused it of using it as an attempt to deter more developments from Countryside Partnerships.

A pensioner, who wanted to remain nameless told the Daily Mail: "We think the council is conducting a witch hunt against the developer.

"The houses were built with planning permission, and now the council says that they do not have permission. We are worried that it will devalue our property. It could be worthless if it is not sorted out."

Another resident, Mitch, 23, told the Daily Mail of his confusion after buying his new home for £200,000 just over two years ago.

He said: "'I never knew anything about contamination when I moved in.

'It is a bit of a worry because we don't know what is happening. My salary has gone up dramatically in the last couple of years, so my partner and I were thinking about moving to the Cheshire countryside.

'But these issues have put a stop to that for now. It is reassuring that they are saying there is no health risk to humans. But I just want it to be sorted out."

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Cheshire East councillor David Marren argues Countryside Partnerships had 'put profit before compliance and assurance'.

A Countryside Partnerships spokesperson told the Daily Mail: "We have been aware of the outstanding planning condition and have consulted and been working with both council officers and the Environmental Protection department to address it, submitting a retrospective planning application that was recommended for approval.

"Our priority is to resolve this issue for our residents and customers. We acknowledge the Planning Committee's comments and will work with all necessary bodies with a view to achieving full planning approval for this site as quickly as possible."

The Daily Star has approached both Countryside Partnerships and Cheshire East Council for comment.


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