No one can find the ‘invisible’ snake in this mind-boggling photo

A mind-boggling photo of a camouflaged snake has left people on social media baffled – with one person joking even a trip to Specsavers wouldn’t help her locate the reptile.

In a weekly game of "Spot the Snake Sunday", Sunshine Coast Snake Catchers shared a snap of a seemingly empty bit of woodland on Facebook, leaving users wondering if they need to get their eyes checked.

“See how you go with this one. Bonus points for being able to name the species as well. It’s been another busy week of snakes on the move – summer is in full swing," the post reads.

More than 700 people have so far taken to the comments section to share their guesses – with most of them stumped by the image, as they can't find the snake among the branches and greenery.

The image was taken in Buderim on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, Australia.

Some people joked that the “nope rope” must have taken the picture itself.

“I have been bitten twice just looking,” one person joked.

Another person said: “I believe this snake won the game of hide and seek with me.”

“Great, it’s an invisible snake, the worst kind,” someone else wrote.

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Another person joked that they had more chance of seeing a thylacine – an extinct mammal native to Australia – than finding a snake in the picture.

Other people considered their chances if they ran into the hidden beast, with one person guessing they would “be dead by now”.

Someone else said to “burn the whole place” after failing the spot the creature.

Meanwhile, other social media users claimed they could see multiple snakes in the picture, pointing out various twigs and shapes on the ground.

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“There’s a whole herd of them, run for your lives,” one person wrote.

“Invisible snake? See through snake? In the above photo it looks like a jungle python that has eaten a large animal like a sheep or kangaroo,” another user commented.

Someone else added: “Oh I don’t like this game – makes me realise how often I must walk past them on a daily basis without knowing.”

“Yep, I see sticks, leaves, trees and by this stage I’d be dead because I still wouldn’t have seen it or felt it. I’ve been looking at everyone’s answers and b***er me, nothing,” another confused person said.

Other guesses included black snakes, scrub pythons, black-headed pythons and taipan snakes, with people believing they’d spotted them dangling from trees and crawling along the floor.

A member of the Sunshine Coast Snake Catchers team confirmed the picture showed a yellow-faced whip snake, which is barely visible in the shot – and heavily camouflaged in the centre-left of the photograph, between some leaves.

The yellow-faced whip snake is common throughout most of Australia and is part of the Elapidae family of dangerous snakes.

Sunshine Coast Snake Catchers provides reptile relocation services along the area and often shares pictures of its findings.

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