North Korea hosts ‘largest-ever nuclear parade’ complete with despot’s daughter

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    North Korea has hosted its "largest-ever nuclear parade" as a way of celebrating a grim military anniversary in the dictatorship.

    Dictator Kim Jong-un was present for the parade, a night-time event that marked one of the country's biggest-ever nuclear showcases, celebrating the 75th anniversary of the founding of their military.

    The North Korean despot is no stranger to parading his military forces, but this largest-ever night-time parade featured a collection of nuclear warheads that mark a huge showcase for the despot.

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    Dictator Kim was pictured alongside his daughter, Kim Jue-ae, at the nuclear warhead parade, who is seen as a potential successor to the country's leadership.

    Imagery of the parade showcased 11 Hwasong-17s, the country's largest ICBMs, which were hailed by state news as the "greatest" missile the country currently has in its arsenal.

    Reports indicate that the missiles have a larger range than any other nuclear warhead in the world, as one expert pointed out this parade showed off "more" than ever.

    Carnegie Endowment for International Peace representative Ankit Panda said of the missiles: "This is cumulatively more ICBM launchers than we’ve ever seen before at a North Korean parade."

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    It comes as the Kim II Sung Square parade showcased recently tested missiles as well as a warning to other countries, New York Post reported.

    Grim origins surround the North Korean military, which was initially made up of Japanese troops who had deserted their World War Two posts, and were eventually turned into a ruling force thanks to Soviet Union funds.

    A report from Leif-Eric Easley, a professor at Ewha University in Seoul, South Korea, read: "This time, Kim Jong Un let North Korea’s expanding tactical and long-range missile forces speak for themselves.

    "The message Pyongyang wants to send internationally, demonstrating its capabilities to deter and coerce, will likely come in the form of solid-fuel missile tests and detonation of a miniaturised nuclear device."

    International Peace representative Panda also noted that the canisters shown off in this recent parade looked different to those shown in a parade back in 2017.

    The International Peace member also noted that the North Korean parade had displayed "enough ICBMs to overwhelm" the United States defence system.

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