A ROCK which tragically killed a paramedic was flung up from the tyres of a passing quarry truck, detectives believe.

Jeremy “Jack” Daw was in the front passenger seat of an ambulance responding to a 999 call when the “freak accident” happened.

Detectives are continuing to investigate the death of the 66-year-old which happened after the rock smashed into the ambulance’s windscreen.

Mr Daw’s devastated family told The Sun cops said the rock had been lodged between the wheels of an articulated lorry and flicked up as the ambulance was passing in the opposite direction.

His daughter, Kate, 42, said: “It was a freak of nature and there is some comfort and relief that it wasn’t a deliberate act.

"We have asked so many questions and, although there is an ongoing investigation, we are quite satisfied, for now, that nobody is to blame.

“There are marks on the road at the scene where the wheels of the lorry with a stone wedged in-between had turned. We know there was not an unsecured load on the lorry — it was a tragic accident.”

Mr Daw had come back from retirement in January to help out his colleagues during the pandemic.

He had only four shifts left to do before retiring for good.

Kate said she wanted to meet and thank the driver of the ambulance who, although injured himself, tried to save her dad.

Police said of the accident, in Hereford: “We are still thoroughly investigating this incident and although at an early stage, we are satisfied that this was not a deliberate act.”

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