Paras' furious as Royal Marines swipe official motto

Ready for Anything? Parachute Regiment is furious as Royal Marines swipe official motto for use in a marketing campaign

  • ‘Ready for Anything’ has appeared beneath the Paras’ winged crest since WWII
  • The Marines launched an online campaign with the same words last week
  • An Ministry of Defence spokesman said ‘a healthy rivalry is only to be expected’

The intense rivalry between the Parachute Regiment and the Royal Marines has been a hot topic of conversation in military circles for decades.

Now it is set to get even fiercer after the Marines used the Paras’ official motto as a catchline for a new marketing campaign.

The Latin words Utrinque Paratus – meaning ‘Ready for Anything’ – has appeared beneath the Paras’ winged crest since the regiment’s formation during the Second World War. 

Many of its troops have it tattooed on their chests and arms.

The Royal Marines were accused of stealing the motto from the Paratroopers in their new campaign

The Duke of Sussex during a visit to 42 Commando Royal Marines at their base in Bickleigh

So there was anger at its HQ in Colchester, Essex, last week when the Royal Marines – who will continue to use their motto ‘Per Mare Per Terram’ (by sea, by land) – launched an online recruitment drive featuring a commando with the words ‘Ready for Anything? Apply Now’.

In a post on the Marines’ Facebook page, Para officer Major Paul Raison, wrote: ‘Royal stealing mottos from the Parachute Regiment to improve recruiting – priceless. 

‘Don’t worry, we won’t be stealing yours.’

Royal Marine Dan Hinks, recalling the Army’s much- ridiculed 2019 ‘snowflake’ poster campaign, responded: ‘Only because your recruitment campaigns are laughable.’

Last night, a Ministry of Defence spokesman said: ‘These are elite forces with proud histories. 

‘A healthy rivalry is only to be expected.’

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