Pensioner, 81, is 'skint' and apart from Egyptian toyboy, 36

Pensioner, 81, who stunned nation with intimate details of her sex life with Egyptian toyboy, 36, sobs that she is ‘skint’ and alone as her lover remains stuck in his homeland with no visa

  • Iris Jones, 81, proudly told of her relationship with her Egyptian toyboy
  • But he has been unable to get a visa to be able to join her in the UK
  • She  has broken down in tears over the red tape and says she has no money 

A grandmother who married an Egyptian toyboy 45 years her junior has tearfully revealed she is struggling with money and getting him a visa to join her in the UK.

Iris Jones, 81, said ‘I haven’t got time on my side’ as she said she had no idea when Mohamed Ahmed Ibriham, 36, would be able to join her in her Somerset home.

Ms Jones has made three visits to Egypt to spend time with him at huge personal cost, but cannot go again over conditions in the country.

She has urged him to get his law firm to speed the process up before it is too late.

The pensioner said: ‘I get days when I’m alright and other days when I’m just crying all the time.

‘I’m separated from someone I love, it’s so hard. I haven’t got time on my side, his lawyers know that.

The pair got married in a low-key ceremony in Cairo but he has been unable to get a UK visa

The age-gap couple posed up for a picture in Egypt as their romance continued to blossom

‘I’ve had to go over there three times and come back without him.

‘I keep on at Mohamed to get his law firm to hurry up with the visa, I don’t know what the delay is, but it is complicated.’

The unlikely couple got together after meeting on Facebook on a group discussing and exploring atheism.

They later tied the knot in a small ceremony in the Egyptian city of Cairo.

Ms Jones told the Metro: ‘There’s lots of documents and papers to get; in Cairo people have to queue up men in one line, women in the other, and there’s nothing online.

‘Mohamed has to get many, many documents to fill in to come to Britain.

Iris Jones said ‘I haven’t got time on my side’ as the red tape over her husband’s visa mounted

Iris Jones with her husband in Egypt during one of her visits to see him after they got together

Iris Jones and Mohamed Ahmed Ibriham taking in the Egyptian sites on a visit last year

‘I’m suffering from headaches and stress and I’m going to the doctor to get a letter saying I’ve got so many health issues I need my husband with me in Britain, hoping they’ll bend the rules a bit and let him come over and look after me.’ 

Last year she told how before returning to England, Iris met Mohamed’s mother, 70, who had given the pair her blessing and said they ‘got on like a house on fire’.

Ms Jones, who divorced her ex-husband more than 40 years ago, and has spoke candidly about her relationship with her new man.

When asked about their first sexual encounter she replied: ‘It was incredible. I felt like a virgin again. It wasn’t easy but it was very loving and romantic.

‘My ex-husband said I was frigid when we divorced 40 years ago but I now know I’m certainly not.’

Her sons, Steve, 54 and Darren, 53, have expressed concerns over the relationship, but she insists Mohamed is not after her money or a British passport – and their love for one another is real.   

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