People think I'm a hero for my sneaky high vis vest trick to skip a three hour traffic jam | The Sun

A CHEEKY music fan has been hailed as a hero for his high-vis vest trick to skip a THREE hour long traffic jam.

Nathan Twamley seamlessly slipped through crowds of cars as he headed home from a concert in Dublin, Ireland, on Saturday – all by pretending to be a traffic warden.

The 27-year-old brazenly waved his pals through the backlog of vehicles, guiding out their car in just 10 minutes after the Dermot Kennedy gig at Malahide Castle.

The lad hatched his plan when he realised other drivers had already been waiting in the queue for hours – his pal Sean Rafferty, 26, coincidentally happened to have a yellow work vest in his book.

So after putting it on, Nathan, from Dublin, started knocking on car windows, asking drivers to make room for a vehicle coming through.

The data technician managed to guide his mates all the way to the front of the queue, where a warden at the event clocked on to what he was doing.

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Luckily, the worker saw the funny side of Nathan's scheme and allowed them past.

A video that captured Nathan's cunning shows him sauntering along confidently in front of his friend's car, directing the vehicle alongside a huge queue to their left hand-side.

As one car attempts to pull out in front of them, Nathan is quick to stop the car before waving his friends forward.

In the clip he can be seen looking back to the camera with a cheeky grin in realisation that he's pulled off the move.

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His girlfriend Courtney posted the video on TikTok on Sunday, writing: “Bring yourself a high-vis to a concert to get yourself out quicker.

"The funniest night ever, never underestimate Nathan.”

The video has now collected over 876,000 views and more than 70,000 likes.

Hundreds of people left comments on the clip, impressed by Nathan's quick-thinking.

One said: “You can literally do anything in a high-vis and no one looks twice.”

Another added: “Not all hero’s wear capes.”

A third replied: “Keep one in the car for emergencies at all times.”

A fourth commented: “High-vis will open so many doors. Act confident and keep walking.”

Another wrote: “Clipboards and hard hats are also good for problem solving.”

Speaking today, Nathan said: “There were people who had already been stuck for two hours.

“I said to Sean I’d love to have a high-vis right now to get past and he said he had one in the boot.

“I hopped out and people were asking me ‘what's going on?’ and I told them there had been an accident.

“I was knocking on peoples windows telling them to move over so we could fit past.

“We skipped three hours of traffic.

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“We just couldn't stop laughing, we got past all the traffic and looked back and none of the cars had moved.

“One bloke who worked there looked over at me right at the end and I think he clocked on but he just laughed as if to say 'fair play'.”

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