PIERS Morgan has today branded Harry a "hypocritical greedy twerp" after the royal reportedly signed a four-book mega-deal.

The TV firebrand – a long-standing critic of the Sussexes – hit out in a blistering rant on Twitter.

Responding to reports Harry and Meghan will pen a whopping four tomes after a £29million bidding war, Piers blasted: "Prince Privacy!

"What a hypocritical greedy twerp."

It comes as:

  • Harry and Meghan are ‘vicious, cruel & self-serving’ for doing Oprah Winfrey chat, says Charles’ biographer
  • Eugenie and Beatrice are 'stunned' by plans for the book – despite remaining close with Harry
  • Meanwhile, the last of the Duke's belongings have now been removed from his former home, Frogmore Cottage
  • An expert claims Meghan struggled to understand her duty to the Queen – and just wanted the 'American dream'
  • And Harry's biographer says the memoir is 'revenge for William always having it better'

Harry's lawyers have denied claims the prince will write a series of memoirs, rather than just the one announced.

But according to reports, the prince and his bride will pen four in total.

Meghan's contribution will reportedly be a 'wellness' book on health living – while one of Harry's books can only be released after the Queen's death, it's claimed.

Legal eagles for the couple initially said they wouldn't be commenting on those claims – but later said they were "false and defamatory" and only one memoir is planned.

That book will be published next year. Harry vowed that it will examine the "highs and lows" of his extraordinary life.

It will arrive during the year of his grandmother's Platinum Jubilee.

Two publishers reportedly flew out from London to Harry's home in California and took part in an 'auction' for the rights to his book.

And it's claimed the royal conducted his own negotiations – with a source telling the Daily Mail: "Those involved were actually very shocked by his approach, which was to look at them coldly and state his demands: $25million."

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The book won't be released for some time to come – but the news is already threatening to widen the family rift and put the royal celebration in turmoil.

The Palace has allegedly been warned they "should be afraid" of what's to come from it.

Now Piers has stuck the boot in – just days after calling the couple "spiteful, bitter grafters intent on causing as much damage as they can".

Responding to news of the memoir earlier this week, the former Good Morning Britain host – who stepped down after refusing to apologise to Meghan – accused the couple of going "toxically rogue".

And he urged the Royal Family to "have nothing more to do with Prince Poison and Princess Pinocchio".

They've become a pair of petty, spiteful, bitter little grifters.

He said: "Harry's memoirs, for which he's being paid a reported $20m – he says it's all going to charity, but let's keep a close eye on that claim – will be yet another chance for him to torch his family, and the institution they serve.

"And every time he does this, and allows his wife to do it, he chips further away at the magic that sustains the royals in public life.

"They've become a pair of petty, spiteful, bitter little grifters intent on causing as much damage as they can."

Meanwhile, royal expert Richard Fitzwilliams fears the "totally unpredictable" Duke of Sussex could use the book as "leverage" against the royals.

Mr Fitzwilliams told The Sun Online: "This book has the potential to be dynamite.


"But the thing is, what do the Sussexes really want from the royal family next? What do they want them to do? They have gone rogue. It is a fact."

And ITV's royal editor Chris Ship said on his podcast The Royal Rota that Harry's family were taken by surprise by the news.

"I suppose the question that people have asked, perhaps justifiably, is this is very strange way to go about seeking less publicity," he said.

"It's a one-sided account again though, because the thing with the Royal Family is, they themselves don't write books, they themselves don't give interviews about what's happened within the family dynamic.

"It makes this a very difficult one-sided story yet again.

"They don't get to have their say about how they felt when Meghan and Harry left, what they were like to work with within the Royal Family.

This took all the Palaces by surprise – we know people who were with Palace types when announced and they had absolutely no idea.

"They had no forewarning Harry was going to write his memoirs."

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