Pilot turns plane back mid-flight just so passengers can see the Northern Lights

The Northern Lights have been attracting more attention than usual this week, with unusual activity in the Sun’s outer corona allowing people as far south as Cornwall to enjoy the spectacular night-time display.

And while visitors to Iceland might have had ample opportunity to get a look at the cosmic light show while they were there, a kind-hearted easyJet pilot gave passengers one last look on a flight from Reykjavik to Manchester Airport.

He turned flight U21806 around, at 37,000 feet, flying the jet in a 360-degree turn to ensure all passengers could catch a glimpse of the spectacular lights.

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A cloudless night meant it was the perfect opportunity to view the incredible phenomenon.

Passenger Adam Groves, who had flown to Iceland with his girlfriend for a surprise proposal, said that he and his new fiancée hadn’t been able to see the Northern Lights while they were in Reykjavik because of heavy cloud.

He added: "We took off and halfway into the flight the pilot turned all the lights off and the view could be seen out the left window.

"But we were sitting on the right-hand side and after a few minutes the pilot switched back and did a 360 loop around for everyone to see."

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Adam tweeted: "Big thanks to the easyJet pilot of EZY1806 from Reykjavik to Manchester who did a 360 fly by mid flight to make sure all passengers could see the incredible Northern Lights."

His partner Jasmine Mapp added: "After days of jumping in the car at any opportunity to try and find the northern lights without spotting them, finally getting to see them in the sky was the perfect ending to a very special trip."

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An easyJet spokesperson said: “We are pleased that the captain on our flight from Reykjavik to Manchester yesterday evening was able to perform a controlled manoeuvre in order to allow passengers to witness an amazing display from the air of one of nature's greatest sights, the Aurora Borealis.

“Our crew will always go above and beyond for our customers and we're delighted to have been able to share this special view of the northern lights with them.”


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