A police officer has been removed from driving duties, sanctioned and mocked online after being involved in a jaw-dropping crash on a Leicester street.

Dramatic pictures of the crash have emerged online showing the Leicestershire Police car almost vertically propped against another vehicle in the air.

The strange crash took place on Grasmere Street in the centre of Leicester towards the end of 2021, reports LeicestershireLive

Remarkably the police officer who was involved in the crash only suffered a minor injury.

Thankfully, the other vehicle was unoccupied at the time the police car decided to balance its wheels on it.

It's thought that the incident occurred when the officer accidentally reversed into the parked car, causing his car to lurch violently into the air.

The property, which is seen in the picture, was not damaged in the incident.

When pictures of the November crash finally emerged onto social media this week the general public's reaction was suitably pointed.

Many people flocked to the comments to get one over on the Old Bill.

“Can’t park there mate,” said one person helpfully.

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“Deffo getting a ticket for parking on double yellows,” cautioned another.

In a statement, Leicestershire Police confirmed that the officer involved had been reprimanded for the crash.

“The officer driving the car was sanctioned following the incident, receiving points on her police licence and having her driving authority rescinded, pending the completion of a further driving course,” said a spokesman.

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